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    It seems to be time to revisit an old topic – a few posters have been wondering why their posts are not going through. Setting aside the obvious options, some of you have chosen screen names that are not acceptable and until you change it, even shevach v’hoda’ah will be deleted. It may not seem problematic to you, but it may seem so to us.

    Some other posters think we are deleting their posts because they are “exposing the truth” about different flaws in the community or system. That alone would not be an issue, but if it includes disgusting language, nasty personal insults to posters, or includes daas torah and halacha as a part of the “flaws” it will get deleted.

    Also, if you posted disgusting, foul language beyond what even a secular site would print, and then changed your screen name, you may not get through with that one either.

    I know there are some posts that seem to get through when they shouldn’t. I apologize for that. We put a lot of effort into doing what is right. It could have been an error. You can always ask in a post that we will read and then delete. Cursing us out for it is not a real productive way to make that point.

    We’d love to have you, see what you can do to make it work!

    I am Mod 29 and I approved this message


    I’d appreciate a dedicated thread to discuss YWN articles that use inflammatory and / or unfair language regarding public figures or issues.


    Mr nochum farby:
    Maybe if you put your name back where it belongs your posts will stop going to spam



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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