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    ever since eclipse came back it seems like shes the psychologist/counselor


    we should def compensate her for her time..!!!


    I’m not sure if that was meant positively,chayav,but Hashem has seen fit to send me quite a few simultaneous tests recently,so I guess my mind has been focused on addressing them.Since I’m back to my least favorite thing: stopping what I’m doing to check for important e-mails–I check in to the CR sometimes too.

    ha ha ha ha

    eclipse were rooting for you!!!!

    eclipse your work is most appreciated!!! Keep in coming!!!


    thank you,sir/ma’am!


    yes eclipse it is so nice to have someone who actually knows psychology. Most people seem to just make it up on their own


    I don’t think I ever claimed to be one,cuke.


    cuke?? Did you mean kook? Or cucumber?

    It takes one to know one Do we need some zeeskite in this thread?


    eclips, please consider this thread. Why the name change?


    truth be told…Of course I meant the abbreviation for cucumber.

    And now I’m 100% sure you’re from a community I moved away from.

    “It takes one to know one?”(your words)

    Since I have never once insulted you or anyone else,(while you and cucumber seem to feel quite comfortable in that role),I’m not exactly sure what besides your “affiliations” would warrant both of your remarks.


    im so confused eclipse- are you part of the cr or not? i was so proud that someone actually stopped and got rid of it, but now you’re back on.




    I apologize. It seemed to me that someone was being called a cuke or kouk or kook. Others have changed peoples names to mock them in other threads, and I’ve usually commented on it, when I noticed it.

    I’m telling you, in all honesty, I have no idea who you are out of the coffee room. No idea.

    Where do you think I live. You’d be quite surprised to know. I am positive you’re not from my community

    One thing though. Why the change from a c to a k in your abbreviation? Any explanation, if not to mock?


    candy…my on-and-off computer use is explained in the “Disciplined User” thread.


    tbt…how does that link apply to me? Don’t tell me you think I’m ZeesKite?!


    eclipse: Please answer my questions. Thank you

    Don’t tell me you think I’m ZeesKite?!

    Why would I think you’re anyone besides for eclips? S/he just had a relevent thread about being nice. Thats all.

    I’ve seen people claim one goal, ha ha ha ha, chayav, LeahChanaFisher, yoyo are all one person. Thats drunk. Each one is a different poster.


    tbt…I just saw your question now.

    Even when I write a shopping list,I write “cukes” instead of cucumbers.It’s just shorter,NO OTHER REASON.

    And I thought you were from the community where Mr.X and fellow rodfim tell everyone I am crazy,I went crazy,and every crazy thing you can think of!

    THUS,my being offended!Well,thanks for explaining.:)


    I object! What’s so bad about me. (Mommy checked me out for rabies) People dissociate themselves from me like a Jo..

    eclipse: Still looking for street signs posting about you, not a one!


    ZeesKite,nothing personal.

    Most of that noisy hype was a few years ago.Now it’s just lingering around.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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