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    asking for a friend: who is program for? do they help kids grow? develop academically and aquire life skills? Are parents happy?

    Any students continue to College?





    I would pretty much assume that the majority of your questions would be answered



    not enough info on their site, parents, can u please share?

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    From what I’ve heard, the classes are smaller and therefore much more individualized attention. All subjects are taught in this much smaller forum. Although the kids do really nicely, Im afraid that they are never prepared enough to be mainstreamed into regular classroom settings. Check out the Arrowsmith Program, which does not teach anything academic but it is a full time program that strengthens the brain muscles (17 different muscles in the brain) and when the child finishes the program he/she is able to learn, process, understand, articulate, etc. almost every challenge that was difficult for them in the past. It is not a band-aid treatment like all the programs and therapies, it is a program that can fix the issues/problems and once strengthened, it will never weaken again. The muscle, the more its being used, will continue to strengthen. The program incorporates many different therapies, including speech, OT, vision, etc.


    do you or someone u know have personal experience u can share re arrowsmith?

    what is the group at ptach like? socially? academically? where do you go after graduation?


    i’m pretty sure that the majority are mainstreamed bkz it is in a setting that classes that they can excel in they are mainstreamed and those that they need at lil extra help in they are in the ptach program.

    and i know many who went on too Israel and seminary and college


    Professional – what additional information are you looking for that is not on the site? They seem to explain the program in a general sense under “about us”. I know some people who taught at P’tach and it seems like the kids do go to Israel to yeshiva and seminary and many go to college. Some are directed to vocational schools where they can learn a specific trade. But if you need more information I would call directly. The number is on the site.


    I agree with above posters about Ptach call them directly. I have known people that taught there they are sincere and direct. I know in flatbush chofetz chaim runs an arrowsmith program as part of their curriculum but am not sure whats involved and if its also for high school call them for more info. for more about the arrowsmith program

    Additionally, while not fully familiar Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway is also known to have systems in place for learning disabled children and they have a bus to brooklyn and i know a boy who has succeeded and travels there everyday. However, as stated above I am not sure of what they offer so please call them.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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