PTSD From Yeshiva

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    think 2

    Does anyone relate to intense suffering, nightmares or flashbacks as a results of hardships during misivta years? Even years later pain can be very present of feeling not good enough, or not being comfortable with healthy life things like taking a walk or swimming or playing ball. Depression and guilt anxiety…
    I don’t mean anger, rather just being hurt by well intended Yeshiva system/people.

    Does any one relate?


    Au contraire.


    @think 2 how many years ago were you in mesivta?


    In EVERY yeshiva there are many healthy outlets like taking a walk exercising reading a newspaper shmuzing …….


    As a rule, growing into an adult is traumatic. Many people have mild PTSD from childhood experiences. There are many therapeutic modalities to deal with it.
    People that minimize difficulties are not helpful, even when they think they are. Remember that a better future is possible. Be patient with yourself and those around you until you reach a better place.

    Perhaps you can search for some DBT skills to help in crisis and some CBT reframing to help you process your past.

    Hatzlacha Rabbah


    Grow up.


    Think 2, can u share with us some real life examples?


    I cant belive some people are dismissing this person, Not everyone’s yeshiva experience is a positive one


    Having PTSD is by definition neither normal nor healthy.


    @think 2 I can definitely relate. I went to a yeshiva that was very strict and, at least for me, too strict. I begged my parents to let me change yeshivos but they thought I was just being too easy on myself. They now regret that decision.
    I have trauma from the experience and I definitely have “guilt” whenever I do things like listen to the news on the radio, eat at a restaurant, etc… all such things were strictly ASSUR in yeshiva.

    There is a LOT more to articulate here…but simply put, YES I CAN RELATE.


    Its very hard to find a chassidish or very right wing litvish school with out some sort of ptsd as a result.

    think 2

    Its been over a decade since I left, and to Mr. Freddifish oh how I wish you where correct, but no, in my yeshiva it was not ok to read any newspaper, going out of the building was really frowned upon (and besides we were not aloud to leave a 2 block boundary) and shmuzing with the other masmidim did not quite do it for my soul.


    I personally don’t have such an extreme case, but for about a year after I graduated, I did not want to learn anything (aside from a few halachos) at all. I avoided learning because I felt guilty, like I had voices in my head asking “that’s it? Why not learn more? And more? And more? I avoided it entirely because I wanted to get away from all that. My Yeshiva didn’t approve of “wasting time”. (Well, not in their rules, but in the culture, if you know what I mean)


    Whoops. I should have added another ” after the last “and mpre”



    …I really gotta pay more attention when typing


    It doesn’t seem like the community here is so receptive, disappointingly so.
    There was a similar thread in a Jewish Wellness blog, OKClarity, which might be of interest to you. I’d highly recommend checking this site out anyway because it’s geared specifically to mental health within the Jewish community.
    While I cannot personally relate I completely understand where you’re coming from; I highly recommend that you consider speaking with a trained professional about these feelings, if it is indeed PTSD that you’re suffering from.


    You’re annoyed we don’t struggle with ptsd from attending yeshiva?
    How sweet.

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