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    Please exercise caution Friday morning when burnin tg Chametz. It seems that every year there is at least one tragic story of people suffering serious burns. One repetitive cause is the eccess use of lighter fluid. People don’t realize that the flame can travel up the stream of lighter fluid and burn the person holding the bottle.

    A member of our shul is a Volunteer fireman and everyone brings their Chametz to the shul to be burned under his supervision


    Don’t use lighter fluid from a can.

    Go out of your way to travel somewhere else, shlepping your chametz, find parking, wait in line.

    Because that’s how YOU do it, at YOUR Shul?

    Good, you have your reasons. But stop trying to force your chumras down our throats.


    Every year there are people who wind up at the Staten Island hospital Burn unit , it is not part of the Mitzvah of pesach to go there as a patient

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    This is how Boro Park and Kensington do it- several official locations

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    ????? ????? ???????


    Don’t burn plastic.

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    For those who have the minhag of saving the challah from hafrashas challah every week to burn with the chometz, here’s a tip. Do not store the challah in aluminum foil or in a plastic bag. Instead, use a paper envelope preferably soaked in oil. That way it won’t absorb any wetness from the freezer and will burn even better. Ideally it should be left out to dry for several hours before freezing. Every year I pass by biyur chametz sites where the challah that was thrown in to burn just got nicely baked and looks quite delicious. Some animals were enjoying it immensely.


    Lighter fluid on an existing flame is a waste of fuel, most of it gets burnt off before it even has a chance of increasing the heat. You’re better off getting a propane (or MAPP) torch and a 14 ounce canister.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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