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    Believe it or not, Purim is ONLY 2 months away!! Dig up your costumes, polish your groggers…just kidding 🙂

    Anyway, i’m looking for a unique Shalach Manos theme for this year. Anyone with a weird, strange, or just different ideas would be greatly appreciated. (It could involve cooking, baking, carving, etc…)


    Hi sem20.

    I have to digest the latkes before even thinking about this. lol


    BTGuy: Hurry, Pesach’s around the corner.


    Hi sem20, BTGuy: Funny you should mention this …

    I was actually looking over my Megillah before Chanukah started in case it needs corrections (by the Sofer). As for Pesach; I have been thinking about that since Shabbos Bereishis.


    Wow! Some people are just super organized!!! It’s still Chanukah!!


    im still checking hadassim.

    ☕️coffee addict


    in years past I tied my mishloach manos into a theme with my costume

    one year my wife and I were mexicans (my kid was a chili pepper) so we gave hot peppers, salsa, guacamole spicy chips and water

    one year we were Israelis so we gave out bamba and bissli, and magen david cookies

    one year when I was a bachur I dressed in a Brady jersey with a red sox cap and gave out candied Boston baked beans, Sam Adams Boston Lager

    one year


    Thanx CA.

    Nobody else has any creative ideas?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Maybe these will spark some creative ideas for you –

    *I once did a bag of stuff that all had ‘light’ on the label or in the name.

    *Stuff that had all become recently kosher (oreos, m&m, gatorade)

    *Different things that were all corn in the name (popcorn, cornbread muffin, candy corn)

    *My favorite was when I had a machine that you used to put gifts in balloons and I gave out a balloon with a plate of nosh in it.

    *I think a friend once gave us a makeshift airplane meal.

    Why don’t you do black and white things, like a keyboard?


    My wife once dressed the kids as bananas and gave out the ingredients packages up to create your own banana split. was so cute!!!


    somehow in my house i have to come up w. the theme and poem

    last year we did a whole coffee break theme-coffee packets, coffee cake-cupcake, coffee candies and a small bag of coffee beans. smelled delish

    one year we did “have a berry happy purim” with small berry crumbles and something else

    one year we did around the year in mini’s-lady apples and a small jar of honey, choco coins and a dreidel, red jelly fish (mazal adar dagim), potato chips (pesach) and then something for shavuos.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Cute stuff. I just remembered, I once passed out graham crackers, marshmellows and a chocolate bar and instructions for smores.


    The latest from Japan are cat ears that perk up when you are thinking and flop down when your mind is relaxed.


    Hi sem20.

    lol. Its true about Pesach, too. It is very easy to over eat as a Jew with all this good food around, BH.

    Seems like folks posted some nice ideas.



    our neighbors dressed up like skunks with their theme “Mishenichnas ‘Oder’ marbim B’Simchah”

    I have no idea what was in their Mishloach Monos. do I want to?? LOL


    you can dress up as a bee and give only sweets things with honey.

    Rav Tuv

    I’ve always wanted to(but never did it) Save a box from Shmura Matza and put a pizza in it for shaloch Monus. And of course a wine bottle with beer in it.


    keep em coming, im bound to use one of them!!


    sem20 – i’m thinking…i’m thinking.. i just haven’t come up with an amazing idea yet. i know that’s hard to believe but it’s true!

    hey! how about something to do with parking at fire hydrants with your blinkers on? LOL

    you can dress up as a car with lights blinking and walk around carrying a fire hydrant. for the shalach manos, you can give out “tickets” to a “concert” – together with a beer and popcorn.




    I’m already on IV (my home’s pesach’dig), and here you’re still thinking of themes? I don’t know if you’ll get to purim on time… you should’ve started preparing right after pesach.


    coffee addict:

    fyi, tom brady is a huge yankees fan.

    he would be wearing a yankees cap, not red sox!!


    Rainbow theme- 1) everything is rainbow, like rainbow cake and jelly beans, etc. or 2) each food item is a different color

    Make one really cute food, like purim cookies, or a really fancy, nice thing, like baked goods or chocolates, and put a bottle of wine or something as your second food.

    Buy glass/plastic vases, layer candy inside, and stick a few fake flowers in (of course, I don’t know your budget, but it sould probably work).


    One year i did bakers! gave out in a measuring cup, mini bag of choco chip cookies, choco milk, and put in a red checkered napkin! also can be flight attendants . Give out mini sprite, gum, little rolls, tuna can, etc…If you have boys they can be the pilots.!gluck and have fun!


    If you like Blue Man Group, wear a blue bathing cap, color your face, neck and hands in blue paint (maybe get blue rubber gloves like EMTs wear), dress up in all black, and pass out (kosher)marshmallows, red Leiber’s jello snack packs and and Cap’n Crunch in a white PVC pipe/cup with blue fingerprints on it. (According to the Star-K website, regular and Cap ‘N Crunch Crunch Berries are dairy, but Peanut Butter is pareve.) (Add drumsticks if your budget allows.)

    Borrow/rent/make the PVC pipe instrument that shoots out streamers and walk around your neighborhood playing “Al Hanissim”. Leave streamers everywhere.

    Leave blue fingerprints wherever you go. I wish we were organized enough to pull just some of this off, although I’m not sure how many people in our crowd would ‘get’ it. You did ask for weird, strange, or different!!


    I once gave out a plate with crackers, a scoop of tuna in the middle and a celery stick coming out- all in the shape of a flower and wrote a whole poem with it.

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