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    Surprised this has not been discussed before, but im looking for original ideas for a ‘theme’ for Purim.

    We are three people (misterhock, mrs hock and newborn) and are looking for ideas for costumes and/or Mishloach Manos.

    Any ideas?

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    last year my wife and I were mexicains and my newborn son was a pepper

    and for mishloach manos we gave enchalada chips, guacamole,

    2 years ago we were israelis gave bamba and made magen dovid cookies

    we gave more than that just cant remember what

    :p> mbachur <d:


    ive seen a football player, a cheerleader and a football…cute


    Why do families have to get dressed up? When I was a kid, it was only for Kids! And why does Misloach Monos have to have a theme? How about a fruit and a Mezonos (Hamentash) on a paper plate?

    The fancy ones also had a drink like a can of soda or wine or grape juice.

    i said so

    dumblonde thats really cute


    ya, dumb blonde thats cute!

    health- my mom thinks the same way. but its hard to explain! its so cute when u dress up all the same…!

    and for: misterhock:

    my freinds fam dressed up- the dad as the man in the yellow hat, and the rest of the fam were monkyes! was adorable


    mods we dont need two of the same thread lets combine them




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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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