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    the yenta – there are some candies that are called “money roll” candies – they look like winkies/fizzies(little round pastel candies wrapped in a roll) but are a little bigger. I forgot who makes them, but they are available in various kosher groceries in Brooklyn. I don’t know your location, so I am not sure if you can find them.

    As far as fruit, how about apples, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, saves the expense to go to the doctor. what about peanuts?? (if it is not an allergy issue.)


    I am dressing my son up as a Yerushalmi, does anyone have a clssy idea for shaloch Manos? (other than Yerushalmi kugel?) I am not a fan of giving homemade things.

    Be Happy

    Maybe some dips like chummus, techina etc with cut up vegetables? or even falafel?


    i would like to dress my kids up in black and white- either one black and one white, or both kids black and white. does anyone have any good black and white ideas? very easy, very simple, not too expensive.

    Mrs. Doubtfire

    Last year I got really pretty boxes (lavendar) on sale at bakingboxes.com. They initial the box free of charge. I put in a napkin (silver and white), homemeade onion croissants, a small container of homemeade babaganush and one of olive spread, and a small party favor box filled with after-dinner mints. It looked really pretty and it’s good food instead of more candy and cake. (from my understanding, it’s actually better to give food that can be used for the seudas purim, so this definitely fits the bill.)

    I would like to do it again this year. In fact I spent all of today baking the croissants. I just want to change the dips/spreads that I put in to be a little more colorful. Any ideas?



    For the food?

    For the costumes?


    Mrs. Doubtfire:

    Salsa (green and/or red). Roasted red pepper dip or carrot dip (various recipes available online). If you want to use salads instead of, or in addition to, dips/spread, you can use beets or purple cabbage, or make a salad of green, red and yellow peppers.


    lol heres something i did last year…i bought little trash cans, and filled them with “junk” food :D:D:D

    heres another purim idea…DONT GET DRUNK! there is a fine line between high and drunk, that is the point you should stop at. a freilichen purim


    I always send food that could be served at the Purim Seudah. Last year I sent a platter with a container of Vegetarian Liver, cut up veggies and a bottle of flavored seltzer.

    Be Happy

    My idea of Mishloach Monos is for it to be fun and cheap! Money I save can be added to Matonos Levyoinim. I try and buy food that the groceries are putting on sale. Most have sales from Rosh Chodesh. I send a small basket which I try and decorate really special with ribbons and e.g smiley stickers. I want people to smile when they get my package and not think “oh no more food.”..


    Here’s a cute idea and very practical;

    Buy a frying pan, put in a doughnut, potatoe chips, an onion, a potatoe, anything you can think of that can be fried. On the card , wrtie a ‘FRYlichen Purim.

    Another idea is a DIET THEME;

    Buy a salad bowl. Fill with some vegetables, diet coke, sugar free candies, rice cakes etc.

    If you want something pretty. Buy a vase and fill it with jelly beans. Give it with a bottle of wine.

    Italian theme;


    tomatoe sauce

    potatoe chips with tomatoe flavor

    tomatoe juice



    haifa girl: ill take anything you have to offer, any suggestions 🙂 i thought of maybe doing black/white russians and a black and white cookie or two.

    any other black and white food ideas?


    Anyone have a good quote to do with painting (and friends), I came up with some ideas but need a quote to wrap e/t together



    A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.

    Hedy Lamarr


    Moderator 77,

    Did you know that Hedy Lamarr, most famous for her acting (she played Delilah in Cecil B. Demille’s “Samson and Delilah”) also invented an encription method that is the basis for much wireless communication today? And that she was halachically Jewish?


    I think my favorite Purim of all time was when my wife created a feast of Persian cuisine for 15 guests at our seudah. (No, we aren’t Persian; we are both Ashkenazic.)


    do you have any good ideas for a costume???


    Anonymrs: For the costumes, put one in a black top, white pants/skirt and the other oppposite. If you’re handy with a needle, you can cut a shirt and pants/skirt (don’t know if you have boys, girs, or both) in half and re-sew the pieces together so the left is white and the right is black or vice versa.

    I also thought of black and white cookies. Can you buy jelly beans separately? If so, you can get black and white ones. Licorice. White chocolate.

    If I think of anything else, I’ll get back to you.


    well you can think just about anything……….

    The Best Bubby

    We give ONLY give Kosher le Pesach products, i.e. bottle of grape juice or wine, cocoa, jello, pudding, jam, mayonaisse, or bar of chocolate. Everything is under hechsher /parve and does not need to be put into the fridge. We are the only people to give Kosher Le Pesach goods and it is so appreciated. I buy very cheap (made in China – where else!) baskets in non-Jewish neighborhood and close with clear celephane paper and ribbon. The children give to 2 friend’s each, tiny prepared ones purchased from zedakah organization. Due to economic conditions world wide, for years people in London give the excess nosh one will probably receive to be packed up and shipped to Yiddishe mosdos in Russia, who never get any kosher sweets, chocolate or nosh. And I do believe we have to cut down on the # of mishloach manot to be given. We give our Rav, 2 friends, married children and the rest we send these zedakah cards that a donation was made to the organization in their name. This is, of course besides giving Matanos Le Evyonim. There are, unfortunately thousands of people who have to be supported every week by Tomchei Shabbos.

    May we all be zocher to a freilichin Purim and may we all be blessed with an abundance of HAGEFEN, with much needed achdus between all the Yidden, many simachos with simcha, and geulah ve yeshuah for Klall Yisrael! Amen Kein yehe razon!



    One of the greatest Torah giants of our times had stated that Themed shalach manos are assur.



    Can you please explain why?


    nameless – Before discussing why the Rav holds that its assur, think about what all mitzvos would look like if they would be incorporated into a theme and what is the message we are sending to Hashem, that His mitzvos need a theme that He did not require of us.

    Does a theme enhance the mitzvos, or does it take away from the identifying kedusha?

    There is one ides of “zeh keili v’anveihu”, but that doesn’t disassociate the mitzva from its essence.

    Can you imagine walking into a sukkah or a shul which is decorated with a circus theme? How about an esrog box or menorah with cartoon characters? Or a Pesach Seder with a picnic theme?

    and that’s why Rav Soloveitchik said that themed m’shalach manos are assur.




    don’t compare Succos to Purim.

    Purim is a time for ‘Letzonis’ in general.

    I mean, is walking around roaring drunk in some disguise becoming, and is it our way?

    Obviously not, but Purim is an exception.

    So as THIS is acceptable, why the ruckus about themed sholoch monos??

    Be Happy

    Oh No. Purim is not a time for Letzonis. Remember Purim – KYOM HAKIPPURIM! Definitely no one who is “roaring drunk” should be walking around. I know 3 personal stories of people who made “letzonis” on Purim who suffered for it.(I will tell you one) A chaver of my son did not have children for 10 years. After getting the all clear from doctors a Rav asked him to reflect back – what he or his wife may have done. He remembered making a Letz of someone on Purim. He finally traced him down and got his forgiverness. Only after that he had a child.

    It may be worth you learning more about the mitzvos of Purim and what we can achieve through them.



    i agree with you 100%

    Purim is a Holy day

    a day of great joy in the Ribbono Shel Olam and our re-acceptance of Torah

    it is most certainly not a day of letzonus

    It is a day that the Yetzer Horah has invested much effort into because of its Holiness, and has hidden from us, even the very Frum, what it means. Purim itself has come to wear a costume and disguise its true greatness.



    I know the mitzvos of Purim!

    and it DOES says ‘chayov inish ….’

    In fact, its been said that a person should get drunk to the point where he doesnt know the differnece between ‘Orur Homon’ and ‘Boruch Mordechai’

    Every Mitzvah is holy, and in the case of Purim , there obviously is allowed to be ana element of Kalus Rosh.

    As far is your story is concerned, this person was Mivayish someone in public. We all know how devastating the consequences of that could be, and there is no inyan of embarrasing someone else. But making a ‘clown of oneself’ is obviously permissable within limits. What does ‘vinahapch hoo’ mean? Dressing up, parading in costumes is obviously ‘letzonus. Ofcourse, its a holy idea and a mitzvah on purim.

    Be Happy


    Its not about getting drunk but about feeling good or maybe a bit high.

    There is a huge difference between letzonos and clowning around. Letzonos would be making fun of people whereas clowning around would be making fun to make people happy.

    Vinahaphoch Hu would be changing any din that may be hanging over us, or our friends by making them happy.

    Think about friends or neighbours who might not get many mshloach monos. Think about those who are extremely tight for money for basic food and let your thoughts for Purim Preparations begin with them. Have a great one. Remember you can achieve on Purim that wht you can achieve on Yom Kippur.

    d a

    When preparing your Purim costumes, don’t leave a big black garbage bag filled with costumes in middle of the dining room floor. A couple of years ago, we left our bag of costumes in middle of the dining room, and without realizing it was costumes, my father took out the garbage! Lots of good, expensive costumes were lost! And the search for new costumes a couple days before Purim began!




    does anyone know what theme i can tye in if i do an ice coffe and a big chocolate muffins and a chocholate bar? or if it helps mayb carrot muffins..

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