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    call me rabbi j

    Many yeshiva bachurim have this thing where they do 2 days Purim, maybe 3 in israel. They go to for example RBS for Purim one day, then Jerusalem the next. What does the oilem think about this?


    The oilem thinks this is a gevaldike maaisa.


    What do we think about what? some bros going off to what would otherwise look like the costumes in a Toevah Parade in RBS/Beis Shemesh??


    The oilem for the most part thinks, who cares!


    It’s addressed in the halocha.
    Some would say כל המרבה.
    I did hear that anyone who might have some depression or anger, Chas vshalom, during a Jewish leap year can rest assured that it’s בטל בשישים because we have about 60 days of Adar wherein we need to be בשמחה.


    Dear Americans please stop invading us and leave us alone
    If the foreign Americans would stop stealing our houses
    Housing would be 50 percent cheaper with 50
    Percent of property owned by americans


    Dear Romain: And without American Jews and their investments in EY and support for Israeli mosdos, there would be many fewer jobs and much higher taxes. Stop sending your “shalichim” and “schneurers” who arrive at JFK every week to provide “chizuk” (aka raise funds) for their mosdos and perhaps we will consider limiting wealthy yidden buying “vacation villas” in Bnai Brak.
    Excuse my sarcasm, but complaining about yidden making aliyah is a bit of a stretch, even for someone hopefully celebrating Rosh Chodesh Adar A.


    Dear Romain,

    Eretz Yisroel belongs to ALL Yidden. That’s a befeirush Torah. It is no more owned or controlled by its residents than Yidden anywhere, equally. Every Yid everywhere has a right to say what should be in Eretz Yisroel.


    To the opening poster: Are you talking about American bochurim or Israelis? Going to Israel from America is expensive. If that is who you are talking about, I think those bochurim should learn how hard it is to earn the airfare from the US to Israel.


    It’s not so simple that one should keep two days. There is a serious question of bittul Torah as well.

    Each person should speak with their Rebbe, and follow their advice.

    In terms of American investors in Israel – please come live in those vacation apartments? Imagine all the impact to your neshama and the economy is you lived here!

    Every Jew has a right to live here. But if you choose to ignore your right to live here, it’s not pashut that you have the same right to dictate Israeli policy. It’s like the famous line – American Zionists are happy to fight down to the last Israeli. You have a right to an opinion, but not a right to vote. But move here, and you can shape our future!


    2/13 doesn’t = 1/60.

    Dear Romain
    If someone steals your house, call 100 immediately.


    participant > 2/13 doesn’t = 1/60.

    I think his quip was about 60 days of Adar that should botel evry tzara. Corollary: you need to do all 60 days of that Simcha to make it 60, do not waste time!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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