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    As a teacher, I would like to play some shtick on my class tomorrow. Any ideas?


    cute for a teacher to do,let your students do something for you instead.


    They are going to do something. I have sensed their smirks etc.

    That is why I want to play along with them – be a sport!


    Go to school at night, poor water on the floor, and open the windows.

    Come back the next day for a full day of ICE SKATING!

    (dont forget to bring your skates!)

    Be sure that the custodial staff is cool with that move. Tell them you will mop it up.


    What grade or age are they


    10/11 year old boys.

    I prepared a purim wordsearch for them. Will walk into class, present it to them, and tell them the first one to finish in 5 minutes gets a prize.

    The words cannot be found in the wordsearch (I made sure of that!).

    My plan is to write on the interactive board “Purim shtick” and switch it to on no show (where tghe screen shows blank, but the text is still there).

    As they get down to work, I will slyly switch the board onto show, and see how long it takes til someone chaps!!!!!!!!


    Sounds great. I would say also bring a prize for the class.


    Pop Quiz??????


    what yaffa80 you teach 10/11 year old boys? wow! good luck. i hope they won’t have too much fun with you tommorrow,i mean pranks.p.s watch out you should stay in the lead with them. boys could get too wild at times.


    Yeah! they were talking of ketchup on my chair, a pail of water on the door.

    Then they asked me if I mind if they do a shtick on me.

    I told them I dont mind, on condition they discuss it with an adult (preferably another teacher) to ensure that it comes under the catgory of joke and not chutzpa!

    Lets see what the day brings!


    NUUUUU what happened??


    So they covered the overhead projector with Blu-tack so what I put on the interactive board would not show.

    One child brought some sort of powder to add to my coffee, which would make it froth over the top. I sensed something to do with my precious coffee was up their sleeve, so I held my cup until I had consumed its contents. I was’nt giving up my precious coffee for a silly prank!

    Another kid brought a Purim Kiddush, whilst another brought Purim Torah.

    The threw sweets at me when I had my back turned to the class – aufruf style.

    They made a pact between themselves, no-one would talk for the first half hour of the session. That includes not answering questions, not saying the pasuk or any communication between me and them!

    It was really sweet.




    they really have some good ideas. wow! very impressive for that age group.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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