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    Were is this heter that during purim you could make fun of rabbiam and yeshivahs at the expense of someones laughter? I thought purim was “like YOM KIPUR” and ive NEVER seen a yom kippur play???


    Were in cheshvan now, wait till we get there…


    Hold your horses!! Purim’s not for another 4 months!!!


    Yeah but i want to drink now!!!!!!!


    purim is not like yom kippur, yom kippur is like purim


    Its almost PURIM we can resume this hock??


    Go for it! Purim is like Yom Kippur since the holiness and kedusha of the day is the same. They say just like you have to give tzedoka to anyone that puts out their hand so to, hashem will give you whatever you ask for it’s a day for a tremendous koach hatefilla, the getting drunk and having a grand time is the distractions of what the day is all about! It’s a very short day, use it to it’s maximum potential!!! Don’t let the yetzer harah override where your focuses should be!!!

    A freilichin Purim everyone! L’chaim!!



    I’ve been watching the YU purim shpiel for a few years now and a lot of their jokes are targeted at the faculty. At first I had the same reaction as you, but then I noticed President Joel sitting there in the front row laughing harder than anyone else…so perhaps they clear the script with the faculty first….?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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