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    Sister Bear

    Does anyone have any good ideas that aren’t going to cause physical harm to anyone but are still fun!!!


    These are some really old ones, but depending on your school you can play around with them…:

    1)hiding a tape recorder in the ceiling with a tape of someone banging and saying help me, let me out of here

    2)hanging ice cubes from the ceiling in the hallway (just make sure not in an area where pple will slip, and clean up afterwards!)

    3)change the names on the attendance sheet to some other more interesting ones… (just don’t write a name that will embarass you!)

    more to follow…


    We always turned the whole class around.


    4) turn all the desks over and move the teachers desk into the hallway

    5) do s/t having to do with a specific teacher (ie s/o who hates when you chew gum in her class-e/o chew gum just make sure n/t disrespectful)

    6)seniors show up to freshies classes and vise versa (same with juniors and sophomores)

    7)this one depends on your school-yu have to judge if this will work- e/o shows up with bright red lipstick, weird shades of eyeshadow, mascara smeared all over (best if applied AFTER coming to school after davening…)

    8) giving every day a “theme” :hat day-e/o wears a silly hat, pigtail day (and decorate w/ pigs, wear s/t pink),nissan day-set up a seder in your davening room, make one room a nursery-6 at one time, diff things like taht, circus day-oh wait, no decorating necessary there!

    more to follow…:)


    9) we never actually did this one,it’s kinda iffy… : send out a calling post at 6am that school is canceled for the day (only sent to students, not teachers…) or that school starts at 12 🙂


    Wathever you do please keep in mind that Purim is about simcha so make sure “everyone” has a good time and nobody’s feelings are hurt,that also includes teachers. (Yes they have feelings too!)


    thats why i said you have to be careful and judge by the circumstances… hence we didn’t do 9 and we were very careful with 5…:)


    how about

    1)turn the dining room into a beach

    2)put a pool in the bais medrash

    3)put a car in the bais medrash


    Chayav- I don’t wonder where you got your sub-title anymore!


    i can’t post too much of the shtick i did, for fear ppl will find out who i am…

    sticky string the car of a teacher (no, we didn’t know his next destination was to see a gadol!)

    like someone mentioned b4, change names on attendance

    buy fish heads and place them around randomly

    switch around the rooms at school (make classroom a lounge, and lounge a classroom, switch all furniture)

    and if ur dorming, and you dorm in the same building that ur classes are in, wake up early and and put tape or tons of string by all entrances (at least to the dorming area) so madrichot/aim bayits can’t get in to wake you up (and if they do get in, everyone in the room should spray them at the same time with like mousse, deoderant, perfume, room spray….)

    must admit, i did all this with my friends, but we knew we could get away with it….. gosh, were we trouble makers!!!!!!! but everyone loved us and got a kick out of us!!!!!!!!

    hope n/o can figure me out by this! ssssssshhhhhhhhh! if you do, don’t say!

    Sister Bear

    Thanks guys, keep the ideas coming!!!!!

    There are a few conditions (sorry)

    – the ceilings aren’t removable

    – the teachers don’t drive to school normally (and if they do I have no idea where they park)

    – it can’t be anything that requires a lot of preparation time before since we can’t get to school by ourselves.

    Thanks a million for all the ideas!!! We need at least double since its a double ADAR!!! 🙂

    ha ha ha ha

    in my shool we have a smallish teachers room so one of the grades filled it up with balloons so the teachers couldn’t enter!!!

    if you have those pop up ceiling then you put a popcorn machine there

    yossi z.

    Leave the teacher’s desk where it is but turn around your desks so now everyone is facing the same way (‘cept now the teacher is in back … And yes me and my class did it, confused the teacher a bit at first but then he broke out laughing and told us to turn back around).

    Or …

    Just turn the teacher’s desk around and see how long it takes them to notice (this does NOT work if the “wrong” side of the desk has a back) the only reason the teacher even caught on was because he noticed we were trying not to smile (and then when he caught on what we did we all (including the teacher) had a good laugh)

    My class was horrendous in elementary/middle school I will bli neder do my best to remember some more of what we did (purim time, not the rest of the year)

    😀 Zuberman! 😀

    Sister Bear

    Oh in middle school we were horrible!!!! In 6th grade alone at least 3 girls got kicked out of class a day 🙂 And 2 never came to class…and the rest of us just had a party in the classroom. Somehow though we all passed 🙂

    We would also play catch in the middle of class with paper balls.

    In 7th grade we hung Haman and his 10 sons from the ceiling. Haman had a popcorn machine in him. Someone told the principal on us so she made us take down Haman’s 10 sons but she said we could keep Haman up 🙂 twas awesome when the popcorn came flying from the ceiling.

    yossi z.

    Ahh those were the days when we thought we were getting away with as little learning as possible and yet when we look back we are amazed at what the teachers were able to accomplish (I still maintain a kesher with my sixth grade rebbe)

    But I say no! We must put a stop to it! Revenge! It is time to educate the younger grades/kids in the ways of shtick! JK! Lol

    Seriously here are a couple more (some of them are variations but twists can make old tricks newly fun)

    -turn the classroom 90 degrees:

    In a classroom with four regular walls, move the teacher’s desk one wall over and adjust the student desks accordingly. You are all now still facing the teacher’s desk as before but you viewpoint has now shifted

    Alternatively only turn all the desks (including the teacher’s) 90 degrees so everyone is now facing the same “wrong” direction but leaving you with the student desks in the same spot they should be but just now you are sitting alongside instead of in front of the teacher’s desk. Example: make it so everyone now has their left side facing the chalk/white board instead of forward-facing it

    -hide and don’t seek

    You must have hiding spots in the classroom to do this one. At the beginning of class before the teacher comes have at most 3 students hide inside the classroom. They should get marked absent. When the teacher is next not looking start switching one at a time each time the teacher doesn’t look.

    Have fun and don’t get caught otherwise the game is up. Oh and for those hiding make sure you pay attention to the lesson, depending on the teacher they may want to make sure you were paying attention not just playing games.

    Enjoy! Remember, I would never tell you to do something I haven’t done 😉

    😀 Zuberman! 😀

    Sister Bear

    bumb…Rosh Chodosh Adar 1 is tomorrow!!! We need ideas that could involve the WHOLE school.

    These classroom ideas are great but our classrooms are pint sized so we need to do something that involves other things.

    yossi z.

    Hrm that is more difficult. We had small classes big classrooms in highschool. In elementary purim time itself if it wasn’t in class we couldn’t do much (we had a purim carnival-no shtick). Sorry for this one I may be out

    Let me know what happens. Oh and rosh chodesh started by shkia time

    😀 Zuberman! 😀


    As a Rebbe, I would like any ideas I could play on my class tomorrow – Purim katan.

    They are planning something for me, and I think they may appreciate it if I was a sport and had something to play against them!

    Any ideas? ASAP please

    red head

    yaff80 – how bout putting on a bald cap? or if you have a beard, to spray it black or white?

    always here

    my favorite, makes-me-laugh-right-now-just-to-think-of-it, shtick was having a stiff dog’s harness w/ stiff leash… (like an invisible dog.. get it?)… walking ‘it’ to shul brought simcha to everyone who crossed my path. 😀

    (it was a novelty item.. I didn’t make it)


    I like the balloon idea but please DO NOT silly string anyone’s car it ruins the finish and leaves stains for real. No one is happy when they have ghosts of the silly string they can’t get off.

    Sister Bear

    Sorry, didn’t really have time. Nothing happened :'(

    (I’ll probably get yelled at for saying this) I really wanted to decorate the school for Valentines Day.

    And for Purim Katan, I wasn’t in school and they didn’t do anything.

    Heres an idea for computer savvy people (you gotta know how to write computer code and you need smart boards), write a code that will cause the Smart Board to do weird things, like either make it ask questions or have something just keep on popping up during class.

    I am sooooo doing something for Rosh Chodosh Adar 2!!!!!!!



    does anyone have any ideas for me?!? the 12th grade always does a shtick on rosh chodesh adar- this year we are doing it on the 2nd- but we need ideas?!?!? it definatly cant be in the least possible way destructive!!! our skewl would have a cow- last year the floor got wet with water while they were doing it- and they got in major trouble! – it doesnt neccesarily have to be on the teachers- but on 9th 10th and 11th


    I heard of the funniest thing in the world that a high school did! They rented 6 goats, and labeled them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and let them loose through the school. The administration went completely bezerk, and tried to round up the goats. After a very long time, they were still missing goat #6 and did not know what to do with themselves!!!! I was thinking of doin this in my school on a smaller scale maybe with 2 chickens, marking them 1 & 3 so we would be missing #2! I think this is the best trick i’ve heard of so far 😉


    ☕️coffee addict

    I heard it was done in MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology)

    :p> mbachur <d:


    They did it in HASMO (high school in England) with mice many years ago


    i didnt read all the ideas above but they were probably lame. turn the dining room into a beach. go all out. Sand, fake palm tree, lawn chairs, empty beer cans etc…

    always here

    chayav~ is that what you used to do in the ‘alter heim’ of which you always reference? ….. lol ;-P


    Yeah, the bubbys usualy drank beer…


    I’m surprised nobody said chop chop timber. at a prearranged time the first person says chop and you go around the room one after the other saying chop and when everyone is finished you all say timber and fall out of your seats.


    In the middle of class, everybody pulls out a bottle of tylenol and swallows handfulls.

    Then, you scream “Happy Purim!!”, and the teacher knows it was a joke.

    But it wasn’t, and you all have to go to the hospital to have your stomach pumped and be administered N-acetylcysteine.

    That is the real joke. Plus, you all miss a few days of class.

    Ad Dilo Yada

    Just today we filled our Principal’s office with balloons.

    I’ll tell you how it worked tommorow….

    ^Ad Dilo Yada^


    Last night I saw this at a Yeshiva:

    Gold fish in the toilets.

    Mini dollar store alarms on every door.

    Stink bombs.

    Bowls of gold fish on staff desks.

    Caution tape all over.

    Took the computer from the Menahel’s desk and replaced it with a TV monitor and put beer bottles around it.

    By the way the offices were locked and the keys were taken without the Hanhalas knowledge.

    During davening turned on a mic that was on the Amud.


    messing up the school is not going to make anyone happy. The best thing to do is something that will cause no harm or embarrasment to anyone, (although it is kinda funny sometimes) but i think everyone is better off doing something very funny that wont effect anyone.




    ED IT OR



    I plan on wearing a snood for purim and I am not married… shhhhhhhhhhh…



    Who is lending you their baby to make it look believable?



    No manners, and here I thought Brits were “proper.”


    I was in Bnei Braq, say, maybe 15 years ago, and a guy had this incredible ‘chap’. He was just breaking out in the photography business, and what he did was ingenious. He set up this open photography booth right there on one of BB’s busiest streets (i.e. everyone is walking there) on a busy corner, somewhere on Rechov Rabbi Akiva I think, and there he was snapping away aaaaaall day (EVERYONE wants their picture taken in their costumes!). He had several options for a background drop you can choose from. This guy must have made a ton of $$$. A real yiddishe kop! Good for him!


    I have a very close connection to a woman who runs a snood store in her house, so I got to pick out a snood from the sale rack for free.

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