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    I teach elementary (3-5) and I want to do something cute for my students for Purim Shtick. I thought of showing up wearing their uniform but does anyone have any better ideas?


    change ur classroom around. the uniform idea is very cute. also you can let the girls “teach” for lets say 15 minutes.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    stand in front of them facing the board and teach as if you are facing them. Or stand in the back of the room and teach. Kids that age always think it’s funny when something funny is going on but you are pretending everything is fine.


    These are great!! Thanks!!

    Any more ideas?


    Hand out homework sheets with the name of a competing school. When they question it, tell them the school is being taken over by <insert the name of the competition>


    Another good idea is to hand out a pop quiz and announce that this is a test. Make funny questions appropriate for their level Write the directions that says please turn over the test without doing any examples. MOST GIRLS WILL NOT READ THE DIRECTIONS AS THE INTERESTING, AND FUNNY QUESTIONS WILL CATCH THEIR ATTENTION.

    So make a interesting and fun test for example:

    1. What is the name of the girl sitting next to you?

    2. List the posters in the classroom

    3. Draw a complicated maze ..etc..

    The game will be how many students will pick up on the fact that you are not supposed to actually fill it out..


    If you have a doorway with 2 doors, put a sign on each door saying “please use other door” with an arrow pointing to the other sign.


    wear a different color sheitle or put one on if you don’t wear one yet


    in prospect i heard the teachers pulled shtick…hebrew all day…haha the kids were not too thrilled but it was pretty funny to hear about it 🙂


    I really appreciate these ideas. They are hilarious!!

    Stickynote- your idea is great- I’m gonna try it this week-Thanks!


    any good ideas this year?


    My teacher gave out such a quiz one year. We were told to follow the direction. The questions themselves were not only complicated as all get out, but a REAL physical tircha. If, however we read the directions thoroughly, they stated, “Sign your name at the top of the sheet and disregard the rest.Hand in the paper.” NOT a single one of us got it right. But you could hear the groans as we tried to actually do the things that the test questions listed.

    Shticky Guy

    After eating their snack on taanis esther, my wife told her class to find the extra piece that we add in for taanis esther in al hamichya before they begin benching. Nebbich they were searching for ages before realizing that there’s probably nothing added in to benching on a fast day! They found it soooo funny.


    I wore the uniform of the school when I taught 5th grade, the girls found it hysterical. I wore a pony and a sweatshirt.

    Recess time all the teachers jumped rope in the hallway, for that age this was perfect. These kids think teachers are inhuman whatever you do is funny even if its not creative.

    For 8th graders you need to be shticky.


    in abt 6th-8th grade one of my young teachers played a trick on us.

    she came to school and pretended she was engaged. We really believed her, even when she told us that she’s getting married very soon, leaving our school and moving to Texas!

    we all danced with her and my other teacher believed her too! I was devastated because she was my favorite teacher ever, and i started crying in the bathroom!(LOL!) …in the end she took the microphone and said sm like “PURIM SAMEACH- IT WAS A JOKE! :D” ..most girls laughed and some girls told her i was crying in the bathroom and she came to me and felt soo bad 🙂 and she told me i had permission to play a trick on her (not a disrespectful one)…anyway that was one teacher trick I’ll never forget!


    LOL these are great!!!


    Like oomis1105’s idea as well as Shticky Guys. B”H/unfortunately I am happily married so cannot try out the engagement one. Perhaps it could be adjusted to a sudden move to a “competiting” school?

    I made a wordsearch for my class, promised them a reward for each kid that found all the words. Problem was I made sure NON of the words existed there! Took about ten minutes for the first bright spark to say “Are these words here or is it a Purim shtick!”

    My class requested I come a few minutes late into class. They hung up a notice on the door stating “Cooking up a purim shtick”

    As I entered they all stood at the back of the room with saucepans on their heads, one kid had an apron and chefs hat on, with a spachelor and large pot in his hand. Was really cute!


    BUMPity BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My tenth grade chemistry teachers takes teh prize… she had another teacher come in and teach us in hebrew, and had us believe that we would be tested on the material. It was sooo much fun though-it was a lesson on dry ice, so we filled balloons with it, did different experiments, all in hebrew. at the end, the teacher said purim sameach, or something like that 🙂


    Everything is rly good besides the engagement one that is not funny itspretty sad and an ayin hara that’s not something to joke bout!!!



    I know that purim shtick is just NOT NORMAL.

    Abba bar Aristotle

    Please forgive me for tempering the conversation: Do Rebbes and Morahs want to teach children that the “Lesson” of Purim is that is is sometimes OK and even a Mitzvah to do “shtick”????



    dont get so technical.

    we all know that adar is a time when the kids are expecting to have a good time and if we dont provide it for them, they will think of thier own hootinanny ideas!

    its much safer this way if its just a harmless little prank with a good chap!

    my rebbe in 8th grade had us all bring in baby pics around tu b’shvat time and he collected them and asked us to guess why he needed them. x tell us but then on rosh chodesh adar he gave out to each of us a t-shirt with out present school pic on the back and the baby pic on the front in big with our names!!! he told us that we only get shalach manos from him if we wear it on Purim when we go collecting!! My whole class wore them when we went aound collecting and it was a major hit that was a real joke on us! no harm done, but a lot of good cheer was added!


    Koillel- thats cute especially if he got a bunch of 8th graders to play along!!!!

    Thanks for keeping this thread going!

    Any fresh new ideas for PURIM 2013??????


    these are so funny

    Shopping613 🌠



    Dress differently and insist that you are a substitute teacher.

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