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    Are the people that are freaking out about the Democrat party becoming AOC also freaking out about the Republican party going far right wing crazy like that qanon woman who won congress primary in Georgia?


    Freaking out over the reality that winning a house seat for the Trumpkopf republicans makes them comfortable with this crazy racist who brands Soros a nazi and buys in the crazy Q theories that have already resulted in violent behavior by its followers. The Dems have their lefties and many have spoken out against some f the Squads’ anti EY positions but the Rs have been totally silent. I guess Steve king’s expulsion for his racist views is now an historical anomaly and this racist Georgia women finds supports from tweets by the Racist-inChief .


    The problem isn’t that a QAnon follower won a primary in a hopelessly Republican district, the problem is that the entire Republican Party has no problem with her, just as they had no problem with Ron Paul for 23 years.


    The Democratic Party isn’t becoming AOC; it is nominating candidates for President and Vice President who don’t share her agenda.


    Silence is better. The only reason people know about these far left nobodies in congress, is because the center right decided to respond to them. That gives them exposure, and they learn how to handle the spotlight. Given enough attention, they could turn into sustainable politicians. I wonder if it could be said, that the mainstream left created Trump and the center right strengthened Pelosi.


    GH -“who brands Soros a nazi and buys in the crazy Q theories that have already resulted in violent behavior by its followers”

    LET’S Compare:
    Is Soros a Nazi? Probably not, because he’s a Jew.
    But he’s a Jew hater, in other words – a Self-hating Jew.
    So to say he’s a Nazi – is NOT that far OFF!

    Violent behavior from the followers of Q Anon:
    There are a few.
    From USA Today:
    “The majority of QAnon supporters say they are peaceful and most of their activities remain online, View said”
    Now Let’s Compare to Violence on the Left in our society:
    Anything they don’t Like – they React with Violence!
    Let’s just start with the Killing of MLK.
    Looting & Burning.
    And It keeps going – time after time.
    Did the (Most of them) Left Politicians ever denounce it?
    Nowadays after the Death of Floyd – what happened?
    There was some Peaceful Demonstrations, but most were RIOTS.
    There even was some Killings of Innocent People!
    So to equate the two Opposite Sides is Laughable!
    But keep on Being a Liberal DEMONCrat!!!


    For those still wondering if there’s legitimacy to Q, I used to spend a lot of time browsing far-right wing forums and watched the whole Q-Anon thing hatch from the beginning. They may not all be anti-Semites, but I have yet to find one who isn’t.

    The whole zach started by a guy posting laughable cryptic predictions on the 4chan /pol/ message board. They would sign off as someone with “Q Level Clearance”. What’s funny is that this individual had a hilarious misunderstanding as to what US clearance levels are. The US Department of Energy has some individuals with Top Secret clearance that know where nuclear weapons are stored. On their badges, those people are labeled with the letter “Q”. This yutz thought that “Q” is some sort of sooper seekrit ultra high level clearance. Anyhoo, the messages themselves were ridiculous. Lots of nonsense that could mean literally anything, stuff like “The storm will not be slowed. Who runs the money? 7-16-2018 comes closer. Why is Syria without a bank?” People analyzed these like they are lehavdil a blatt Gemara, and ascribed meaning to garbage. That’s all it is and all it ever was. A silly movement based around believing a random anonymous narischkeit on a message forum.


    “Q clearance or Q access authorization is the Department of Energy (DOE) security clearance required to access Top Secret Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, and National Security Information, as well as Secret Restricted Data.” -Wikipedia.

    “Lots of nonsense that could mean literally anything” is how DEEP STATE actors
    with ties to SOROS and the CLINTON FOUNDATION describe… Yeah, it’s baloney.
    The style is actually ingenious in the way it lets people get invested in it, though.


    (And of course, vague enough statements could refer
    to anything and are hard to demonstrate as false.)


    Some frum thinking: Soros … all that money … not a penny for a yeshiva … anti-Semite.



    JTA is reporting that QAnon fan and future Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene shared an anti-Semitic and Islamophobic video on social media. Trump is a big supporter of hers. This is nothing new; Trump supported neo-Nazi Paul Nehlen in a congressional primary.


    Well, the RNC withdrew the invitation for QAnon advocate and Republican congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene to speak last night at the convention because of her anti-Semitic social media posts, but the Trumpokpf peronsally intervened when he found out and made sure she had a highly visible seat at the WH for his speech. As you recall, the Trumpkopf himself is an accomplished poster of anti-Semitic tweets and memes and when called out claims he “didn’t know” or “hadn’t read the item he posted.


    What a pack of lies from the usual liars. There was NOT ONE THING antisemitic about anything Greene shared. And there’s nothing antisemitic or frightening about the “Qanon” kooks. They’re idiots, not Jew-haters. Unlike Antifa and BLM, who are outright violent criminals, in open rebellion against the USA.

    Baal Teshuvah

    Milhouse – Generally when people start talking about a cabal of global elites controlling everything that’s going on in the world, they’re talking about Jews.


    Baal T: I suspect Reb Milhouse fully understands who were being referenced by “a cabal of global elites controlling everything that’s going on in the world”. In ordinary times and from someone else, you might have given her the benefit of the doubt and perhaps she was referencing globalists from the Trilateral Commission and their ilk. However, given her prior posts, media statements etc., she was clearly using the standard trope of anti-Semites throughout the world. Yes, Milhouse is 100 percent correct, the Qs are a bunch of idiots but some of those idiots are also hateful and dangerous purveyors of antisemitism and the fact they are embraced by our President is disgusting


    Dear Shnitzel,

    It seems abundantly clear that different people have different nightmares. The ones who freak out about the Democrats becoming AOC, are not the ones who freak out the Republicans becoming Qanon. And vice versa. Though it seems more common to be up at night from Antifa and BLM. Ditto about the fear being partisan. And man eating fungus too. We could term it The Great Post-Modern Sub-Intellectual Era.


    No, BT, theories about cabals secretly controlling governments are usually NOT about Jews. They’re usually about such people as the Freemasons, the Templars, the Illumnati, the Bilderbergs, the CFR and Trilateral Commission, the House of Windsor, etc., none of whom are Jewish. The first one that involved Jews was the Protocols, which was cribbed from earlier French works about the Freemasons. The Russian secret police simply substituted “Jews” for “Freemasons”.

    There are, of course, people who really do try to manipulate governments, and one of those currently doing so, with some success, happens to be a Jew by birth, although not in any other way: George Soros. Attacks on him are NOT antisemitic; most people who write about him have no idea he’s even Jewish. And the attacks are mostly true.

    Even the claim that he was a Nazi collaborator MAY be true, although there’s no genuine evidence for it. It’s based entirely on an interview he gave, in which he phrased himself ambiguously; if you don’t listen carefully it sounds like he is admitting it, and that’s where those who make the accusation are coming from — certainly not from any antisemitic motive! On the contrary, an antisemite would consider it a compliment to say that Soros helped the Nazis.


    “However, given her prior posts, media statements etc.,”

    WHAT “prior posts, media statements etc”? There aren’t any that are antisemitic. Attacks on Soros are not antisemitic, and never will be.


    It’s geshikt

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