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    Won’t bring myself to call it a good Law because Some will have to take it off the yamulka
    and possibly snoods
    How could we deem it however a bad law?

    That the secular And non-orthodox organizations Were militantly opposing this from the beginning
    – and they’re not fools, must be something good coming out of it


    In what way can this law possibly be considered good or have any redeeming value?

    The leftists opposed it because it hurts Muslims. If it hurt only Jews or Christians the leftists would be happy about it. But in this case it hurts Jews as well, as you acknowledged. In France they ban it even in public, not just in public jobs as Quebec now did.

    Would you be happy if the government banned circumcision or religiously slaughtered meat, since after all that would hurt Muslims and leftists would support it as being child cruelty and animal cruelty? Just because the leftists oppose something doesn’t be definition make it good.

    The French Quebecois are particularly nasty antisemites and have a history of Jew hatred.


    Had this bill been exclusively somehow against our community Could have Termed it then anti-Semitic
    that is far from the case here
    Should we feel Pained by this? Probably. Is that so bad
    ?for too long we’ve taken Our exterior appendages for granted
    Possibly this is a means of / Test show how much we Value it!


    we have judged and gave support for our Jewish politicians and government officials more by what’s on top of their head Rather than on inside their heads to for too long

    This Bill is intended to be a means to restore somewhat a normative public consensus that
    has been on the verge of chaotic collapse If it hasn’t already

    Over the past couple Generations We were given granted immense freedom And opportunity
    Had we proved worthy
    our societies would have brought the world upward
    As we weren’t We may perhaps have to step back a bit to restore A shred of normality


    The way the French avoid being called anti-Semitic is when tney apply prejudice laws towards other people as well. The french may be anti-religion, but they are more importantly anti-Semitic.


    this law could breach the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    However, the Charter contains a clause that says, “Notwithstanding the rights under the Charter, provinces can temporarily override portions of the Charter”
    The clause would have to be renewed every 5 years.

    In addition
    The bill has a’ grandfather clause’
    anyone presently wearing a head covering or the like can continue


    A bigot is a bigot, no matter whether he claims he is scientifically justified or acting under neutral principles. Whether he the social norm is secularism or Islam or Christianity or Socialism or whatever. The reason you pass laws targeting groups you dislike is hatred. Any government makes hatred towards Jews a public policy is an existential threat. It is likely the rest of Canada will not support Quebec on this, but that remains to be seen.


    This provincial government CAQ is not necessarily antireligious
    while this bill has some negative connotations for us that was not the goal
    it isn’t even anti-muslim per se


    No not anti-religious, just doesn’t want people to identify as a religious person. Either you’re a troll or you’ve been reading too much left wing propaganda on what neutral is.


    though some jerks Probably were involved in producing this bill,as usually there are
    For the longer run this bill Should have positive connotations
    The media with the left is convincing us to fight against .How shrewd

    Absorbed too much propaganda!

    divide et impera


    A time,

    Your bigotry towards the Muslims is convincing you that this is correct. It’s not, it goes against the doctrine of freedom of religion that the West has been trying to fight for since the 1700s.

    It’s sad that you believe and your superiority to the point that you willing to throw your Jewish brothers under the bus


    Stick to American or Jersey politics


    Au contraire

    So happen to be the one who has been proclaiming for some while that we’re at fault for pushing the Muslims into the arms of the left
    Since they are for the most part our natural Coalition Partners

    So You’re projecting incorrectly

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