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    so does it make a diff if a teenage girl goes to shul 2night or can she daven at home? like does it make tht much of a diff is shes with a minyan or not, i know tht mens tefilos are sent together and go straight to Hashem wen thr in a minyan but its not the same for a girl is it? so would it b bad if i stayed home tonight and davened? ofcourse i ould b in shul 2morrow the whole day…


    I don’t even know how much I’m going to shul tomorrow…probably I’ll go tonight because people will ask me where I was


    IDK but the singing in shul is really inspirational and very pretty.

    am yisrael chai

    -Do you find that you have the same kavana when absorbing other’s energy in shul vs. having your own spiritual energy?

    -Realize that you lose the opportunities of answering all the amens in kaddish, and kedusha, and thanking Hashem by modim d’rabonon

    -You lose the opportunity of doing hataras nedarim before davening (if your shul does it)

    -You lose the opportunity of giving and receiving brachos to the people davening there

    -You lose the opportunity of “mental” davening when the holy ark is opened


    women get the same impact if they pray with a minyan too ,( its just that we dont have to) but of course its better and i would, and i am going to b”H,especially on Yom Kippur.

    am yisrael chai

    workinonit & others,

    “does it make a diff if a teenage girl goes to shul”

    So have you made your decision?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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