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    I very recently bought a sterling silver menorah for my husband, and tonight as I as polishing it for the first time in preparation for Chanukah, I noticed something that I never noticed before, and i was wondering if this was normal or not.

    The menorah is the classic menorah shape, approximately 21″ high Under the menorah, by (in) the base where you would expect to see a hollow like on my leichter, there is instead a (clearly non-silver) metal plate which looks to be held into the base somehow with a (covered screw??? – not sure what it is holding the plate). (I am trying to explain this as best as I can. This metal plate is not visible unless you pick up the menorah turn it over and look under it).

    The store I bought it from is obviously closed at 12:30am and I would rather show it to them in person than on the phone (aside from which I don’t have time to go on Friday). I am anxious to hear from anyone if they have a menorah that has this same thing that I am describing.


    I’ve seen Menorahs like that many times. Is it normal? Yes.

    The Best Bubby

    The metal plate you are describing is a weight plate for the menorah. It helps the menorah to be balanced as it is probably a light weight menorah, and chas ve shalom the oil cups should not topple over, and cause an accident.

    Some lachters also have the weight plate on the bottom.

    Have a Gut Shabbos and a lichtig, wonderful Chanukah with many nissim and an abundance of HAGEFEN for all klal Yisrael!!!


    thanks for the responses

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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