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    I understand that asking someone’s name, telephone number, or email address is prying, and trying to figure out that persons identity.

    But should asking someone about their age or occupation be included in this rule? You cannot “figure out” someone’s identity by their age or occupation.


    hence the CR Posters thread….


    95 – ok, i will try to reconstruct my last post from memory.

    Basically, i had a couple of points.

    1. I said that i would delete that comment, and the entire thread, if i were able, because it was insulting to people.

    2. I also said that it makes no difference to me how you define the two groups. My point is, there are two groups. I said this multiple times.

    3. Not one person there actually commented on topic, and tried to address the issue that i brought up. Everyone just latched on to the way i portrayed the other group, even after i said many times that how you portray or describe it makes no difference to me.

    4. If you think that i am here to troll, just take a look at the ‘texting on shabbos (#1)’ and ‘why is tzitzis mandatory’ threads, and see my lengthy shticklach torah there.

    5. It doesn’t really matter to me if you think that i was trolling, since you are not a user on this site, rather you are staff (who generally doesn’t comment on topics)

    6. What gets me upset is that you let this person get away with this extremely demeaning and degrading comment, then you close the thread before i can give a good response, and then you prevent me from responding elsewhere. This is highly annoying

    (nelavim v’ainom olvim is a high Midas Chassidus btw)

    1. I wasn’t following the thread. But that is good.

    2. ok.

    3. Correct.

    4. The entire texting on shabbos thread was a troll thread.

    5. ok.

    6. sorry. I didn’t have anything to do with it. there are other mods.


    95 – 4. what about the tzitzis thread? (also even if it was a troll thread, my comments were serious, on that thread, to be melamad zechus)

    6. so you mods aren’t in communication with each other? I always thought that you had like an office or something. Guess you do it from your house, right? (silly me 🙂 )

    BTW the point of 3 was to demonstrate that many of the people there were trolling and trying to get me upset. So you are agreeing then?


    95 – btw it seems that you know which topics are “troll threads” and which aren’t. Perhaps you can fill me in, to prevent future error

    The ones which don’t make any sense and are calculated to get a rise out of people are the troll threads. Like asking why it is ok to text on shabbos.



    7. Okay, but i just want to point something out to you. Even if the OP is trolling, that doesn’t nessecerily mean that everyone on that thread is trolling. Me and another user had a very serious discussion there about various sugyas in hilchos shabbos.


    95 – how do you recommend i go about trying to show that person the immense displeasure that i had with his inflammatory and vitriolic comments (which is 100% mutar lehalacha, see chafetz chaim)?

    BTW, are you one of the more “machmir” mods?


    ok. here you go. talk away

    Busy As A Bee

    This convo is funny quark it looks like ur talking to urself..

    can i ask what a “troll” thread is?


    Busy a ‘troll thread’ was a concept that one of the mods filled me in on (can’t you see the bold print?)


    20%?!? What are you saying so bad so much??


    I always think of the Mods as the police of the place.

    Or like the damp towel like say when you are a teenager and having fun with your friends but then your mother sticks her head in to say something, and then you’re like…ooh.

    always here

    always runs…~

    “Or like the damp towel…”: is that like the equivalent of a ‘wet blanket’?? 😉


    i tried to explain, but it got deleted. Anyway, it is less than 20%. just that 20% is the flip side of 80%, and someone said that 80% of my comments get deleted, and 20% stay, so i said its more like the opposite. But in reality its probably much less. just my comments on the tzitzis thread are probably like 30% of my comments here so far.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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