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    Lately I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. An applicance breaks down, I call a repairman, plumber, or electrician etc. depending on the problem and it takes forever to get a call in return. Worse, they schedule an appointment, I wait and wait and then the person doesn’t show up! And again, no phone call. What is the deal with this?


    Maybe they’re busy.

    Maybe the job scheduled before yours got complicated and needed extra time.

    I’m so sorry. Was it you who called? OK. Let me call you back. (I’m a repairman, plumber, electrician and a etc.)

    ☕️coffee addict

    maybe you should move away from the swamp 😉


    Peak period. Changes in weather cause circuits, pipes, appliances etc that are older or poorly maintained to develop problems. Emergencies mess up the repair people’s schedule and especially in hard times when they don’t have help, no one bothers to contact you.

    No excuse, every repair shop today can easily take care of this with a PC connected to the Net and some cheap software.


    Maybe its time for a new repairman.


    so Coffee Addict thinks I should take it personally, but 600KBR does not.

    See, this is exactly why the CR is so useful!


    unacceptable customer service. A shop with an office and multiple service units has no excuse not to pick up and schedule on the first three rings, and to update you or reschedule if there is a delay. A lone wolf operater (like me) lives or doesn’t by his cellphone, and also should not be difficult to reach, nor derelict in communication if late. Maybe the old gentlmen and the young ones with a solid business sense are dying out in your area.


    Sounds familiar! In moving we used an all in one handyman whom we paid alot of money,in green stuff! We did calculations and realized for the amount we were charged we could have bought new items of the same we transferred. On Friday we realized the Shabbos timer was not advancing and called this all in one handyman. It is Monday, and yes i was told he knows about it, but he has not returned yet.


    i have noticed the same thing for years already. i just give up and try someone else.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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