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    YW fan

    When counting the Omer, I understand the Shittah that holds that we say Ba’omer. But I don’t understand the one that says La’omer. Lamed at the beggining of a word means either to or for and it can’t mean to because the omer was brought on the 2nd day of Pesach which already happened! And if lamed means for in this situation that doesn’t seem to make sense either. If anything it should be Ma’omer, which means FROM the omer! We are not counting La’omer! We are counting towards Shavuos!!!

    YW fan

    Anyone have an answer?!?


    Hi YW fan:

    So the answer may be related to the Machlokes Rishonim and Poskim whether there is a single Mitzvah to count the Omer (all 49 days) or whether there are 49 individual (sub-)Mitzvahs; i.e., to count each of the 49 days. Such a discussion will lead to whether we are counting each night as part of the greater whole (then it might be Ba’Omer — in the Omer) which means in the entire Mitzvah of the 49 days. Or perhaps, like the 2nd opinion, each night is independant of itself and therefore, maybe La’Omer — to the Omer, to the Mitzvah count itself. Some of my humble thoughts on the issue.

    Tzarich Iyun — Warrants further study.


    I’m curious too.

    YW fan

    Anyone else have anything to say on this topic?!?


    Answer from halachafortoday Web site-

    There are two different Minhagim. One (L’Omer)is a count down “from” when the Korban

    Omer was brought while the other (B’Omer) is in reference to how many days “in”

    Sefirah we are in.

    Most Poskim go with L’Omer. However it is only L’Chatchila, as either one is acceptable,

    and even if it isn’t said at all, rather you just said “Today is the 21st day which

    is three weeks” is Yotzei. See Mishna Berura 489:8.

    It would probably be best to say the same Nusach each night. The Nusach that your

    father (or husband, if you’re a married woman) says is the one you should follow.

    YW fan


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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