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    What would be the problem if someone who did not eat gebrokts dipped their matzah in soup and ate it immediately? If it takes 18 minutes for chamtez to develop, wouldn’t “gebrokts” being eaten right away seemingly deal with that issue (ie. not allowing chametz to be brought into being)?


    I imagine the problem is twofold: Firstly, other than water we are choshesh that chometz happens faster. Secondly, in your example the crumbs would be all over infecting the keilim.


    Because that is the Minhag.


    “Because that is the Minhag.”

    I once asked a friend of mine, who keeps gebrux, about saliva in the mouth. After all, saliva is machmits. He said to me ain hachi nami, but that’s the minhag. Some do apply some svara to the issue of gebrux. For example, my wife’s family would wet matsa with pure OJ, not from concentrate. I see it as a sfek afaika for those that keep gebrux.

    If you want to stop keeping it, ask a Rav.


    There are two reasons,one you mentioned.The second reason is brought by the Sharei Tshuvua 460:2 which says that we are afraid of someone mistaking matzah meal for flour(based on an actual story ).According to this second reason time is not a factor.


    I have never understood – zol zahn that Achron shel Pesach is Derabanan – if you will not eat something because you are ???? for ???, then why on earth do you eat it on last day ????


    The last day in chutz laaretz is only midrabbanan.


    if u eat matza and drink with some pieces still in your mouth isnt that gebrokts?


    yekke2, because that is the minhag.

    mewho, no.


    My Rav Pam hagada had a story about his grandfather who was the Av beis din in shidlitz. He personally ate gebrokts, but many in his town were chassidish so they didn’t.

    Out of respect for them, he would only eat his gebrokts privately and not when people were around. This was in contrast to the previous av beis din who would display kneidlach in his windows to show that the minhag was in his opinion wrong.

    Well, one seder night, a man knocked at his door carrying a large wrapped up package, and said he had a shaila. So they went into the other room, and the man unwrapped layer after layer after layer until he pulled out a small piece of matza, and said that it had fallen into a large pot of food: is the food muttar.

    So he told him that chometz is oser b’mashehu, but matza is not oser b’mashehu.



    There is a chashash that it may become chumitz, so we are makpid. Nobody says it should be completely assur.


    No, the minhag (or at least, my minhag) is not on mixing in the mouth.


    Why would anyone EVER be so concerned about an accidental violation of what is by all opinions minhag and not halachah? Why, there isn’t even any penalty for an inadvertant violation of a mitzvah d’rabbanan! Just try to be more careful for the future, and enjoy the remainder of Pesach.


    Charlie: Assuming you are responding to my story, I’m guessing his concern was that once the accident happened, the minhag would say to not eat the food that accident happened to. But in any event, we probably shouldn’t make diyukim off a random anonymous shaila asker from 100 years ago.



    the piece of matza had fallen into the pot (not in a dish). I assume it was the kli rishon cooking on the fire.

    Those who have a minhag to avoid, do not eat in a pot used for gebrokts. There is not a real halachic concern about flour that did not mix properly, because even if there were, it was baked along with the matza, and we are taught such baked flour does not create chometz (although it’s rabbinically forbidden to deliberately mix baked flour with water). But yet those who avoid, can’t eat (for the 7 days) in a pot used for gebrokts. So the shaila (of course it is a question about a specific minhag, not about halacha) is if the food can be eaten and possibly there is also a question if the pot can still be used e.g. the next day (when it would be deliberate and not accidental). I don’t think it is a trivial question.



    Most of us learned by 5th grade that ??? ???? ???? ? ???? ??? ? ????.


    nishtdayngesheft – We had a big ?????? once what exactly is considered a ‘???? ??? ? ????’ – we had a four way ????? going on!!

    Israeli Chareidi


    In some respects a minhag can be more chamur than a din. For example: in cases where the reason for the din is not applicable it my not apply whereas if it were a minhag it still would. During a time of shmad R”L one must give up their life for the sake of a minhag.

    One reason for this is that the issue of a minhag is one of mesorah. It’s what keeps klall Yisroel going.

    Personally, I eat gebrochts. It’s a chumra in oneg yom tov.

    Enjoy the rest of the yom tov!



    For the record, the answer from R Meir Pam ZT”L belies your statement.

    He said that the ??? is not ???? ??? ????. However, it follows, in a greater amount, for those who are ????? on ????? there would be an issue.


    Well charlie, I bet you weren’t expecting 7 responses to your question.

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