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    Shopping613 🌠

    I have gotten many questions on all different threads, its very annoying to answer them again and again and again, here are my answers from my threads that i gave:

    it can get very annoying when somebody posts on like 3 different accounts and bumps each other posts and stuff so it dosent look like they are bumping their own post. They will also give each account a personality and a different opinion on everything under the sun for no apparent reason.

    I give out certificates to the normal people who decide they don’t wanna drive everyone crazy by having a million accounts, thus you join SUC!

    Anyone can join, My 2nd reason is that because everyone condributes to this messed up crazy place in their own crazy way, and this is my way.

    Btw you can only join if you have one username….if you couldn’t tell, we go by honesty here, but if we find out you have 2 usernames we delete or terminate or wtvr your membership and certificate.

    you’ll he in the most sacred elite group in the CR. WHADYYA SAY????

    This thread and the threads below are the ones dedicated to posting anything on SUC, pleas post there, and if you want to join, asking on anyplace i will see it is good enough as long as you dont make that thread go off topic on SUC

    ED IT OR

    So what’s the point exactly?

    I definitely am getting the J impression…

    Oh Shreck!

    What if YOU decided on your own to put someone on. Does that poster have to confess?

    What if one is long inactive? How long is long? (Or how short is short?)

    Is there any favoritism?


    So basically – anybody with one username is entitled to a SUC “Certificate”. You want this certificate because <FILL IN REASON HERE>.

    Isn’t everybody on here supposed to have one username and anybody with two usernames is officially supposed to be blocked? (And although there are plenty of miscreants, it cannot be an advantage that deserves a certificate?)

    And how do you know who has one username or not? And if you don’t know, it is even more pointless!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Look, everybody is known for something in the CR, we are what make up this crazy place, so i can be as crazy as i want here, why should you care????????? Plus bu joining u just join the crazinesss, half of you, it seems MUST bli ayin hara already have great-great-great-grandchildren or something, cuz it seems youve forgotten to be crazy


    Welcome back shopping613!

    Oh Shreck!

    Right. Half of me has “great-great-great-grandchildren or something”. (I think my children themselves are great, great-great-great)

    Which half?


    confusion reigns here.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Half of the people here, you guyz act like this is all serious…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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