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    My shul will be reviewing some rabbis to replace the rabbi that left.

    What’s some questions to ask the candidates?

    the plumber

    You can ask if he knows how to tell time…

    Or if he minds a jab in the ribs if he goes to long…

    Will he kick you out if you talk during davening…

    Does he minds not having aminyan till 10 on shabbos morning

    And if course will he let you be mechalel shabbos by using the eiruv…

    This is all in Flatbush. Everywhere else you should prob check with his rebbeim


    “What is your screen name?”


    why do you want THIS job?



    The first thing you want to find out is his courage under fire.

    Light the contestants on fire. see how they react.

    BTW i love mustard


    I would want to know the following:

    Who is his own poseik when he has a shailah?

    What is his position on Medinas Yisroel?

    How available is he willing to make himself to his congregants?

    What does he feel are his strengths?

    What types of learning programs/shiurim, lectures/yom tov specialty droshas would he initiate?

    Does he have ideas for greater inclusion of the teens in shul, so they feel more involved?

    And so on…

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    If his/her semicha was from Rabbah Avi Weiss.


    How well does he sing?

    Can he talk “politically correct?

    does he use real dishes or plastic?

    does he have a pet turtle?

    what’s his opinion on the Pythagorean theorem?


    Whether he is comfortable with the fact that you will be paying him a too low salary and shifting part of the cost of hiring him to the day school parents.


    whether he is a supporter of the emancipation proclamation

    if he likes to bury his gefilte fish in chrain

    How often does he brush his teeth, and does he accept congregants who don’t?

    does he prefer the 3-4 or the 4-3?


    Questions, shmestions. Just invite all your candidates to daven mincha in your shul one day. Whoever finishes shmona esrei first is the one you want.


    No,its the guy standing near you grousing about all those unfinished daveners that you want


    SQUEAK – PERFECT answer!!!!


    lol everyone


    Thanks all!

    ED IT OR

    MR Mustard, The candlestick in the ballroom

    Shopping613 🌠

    Where he bought his black hat,

    At the airport or in the store?

    Patur Aval Assur

    Why don’t you ask him a series of complex halachic shailos to see if he will be a competent Rabbi.


    That would be counterintuitive. and who said anything about competent.


    Ask him if he read Harry Potter, whether he ever wears anything other than the uniform at any time of day, whether he posts on the coffee room, if so, what screen name, and does he have any great-aunts who knit.


    ask him if his wife will be part of the deal? will she hold meetings, sisterhood events? smile when she sees neighborhood women.

    will he keep the lollipop bag near him in shul so that the little children can come and shake his hand and say good shabbos when they want a lolly?

    if someone has troubles will he reach out to them and hold them closer than before or will he turn his back on them and shun them?

    will he work on increasing the membership to the shul or will he be closed minded and end up chasing lifelong mispallelim away

    there are so many things to try and find out, more than i can write here

    Patur Aval Assur

    “That would be counterintuitive. and who said anything about competent.”

    I would think that one of the most important if not the most important thing to find out about someone when considering hiring them is whether he can competently execute the duties of the position, in this case being Rabbinic duties.

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