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    the girls these days seem to have masters degrees by the time they are 20s. they have raizel reit and Sarah Schenirer programs among others. my question is do such quick programs exist for the boys? im not debating whether these programs are good or bad, just trying to find out the information




    The Theological Research Institute has shiurim from Rav Fohrman from Ner Yisroel, as well as other Rebeim, through distance learning they are able to cater to custom BA degrees for bochrim around their schedules allowing students to get a SUNY (State University Degree) in half the time and more affordable. I know because this because this is how I graduated. The most efficient way.


    YU and Touro offer programs where you can get a BA and an MA by your early 20s while learning in the beit midrash many hours a day.


    The yeshiva in Waterbury has a deal with post university in Waterbury where you can earn a bachelors in business in just over a year, provided you spend two years in (that?) yeshiva. They accept 60 yeshiva credits require 48 credits taken by them (they give classes on the yeshiva grounds). the remaining 12 can be taken via CLEP or similar. It can be done more quickly by simultaneously taking post online classes.


    The reason some girls have their degrees by the age of 20, which is quite rare, is because they CLEP many courses while in High School. There is only one program that is a quick fix and it is not The Sara Schneirer nor Touro mentor program. There are agencies that will not hire those whose degress is through a quick fix program, so better do it the right way, not where the name of the program may sound right! The boys can pick up yeshiva credits, where the girls must take core courses, so ask around and hatzlocha rabbah!


    Raizel Right deals with boys also.


    thank you all!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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