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    Looking for either a private course or class in Brooklyn that teaches Quickbooks, Excel and Word – Advanced!!


    no links


    What prior knowledge of computers do you have? What do you need to know it for?

    A Computer Teacher I know now does private courses – if you’re interested, I’ll find a way to put you in touch with her.


    I know someone who can do it w/ you on the phone as well. I did it w/ her. She logged me into her accts. & she showed me the various different things to know in QuickBooks. But for that, you need to have internet on your computer. Sometimes, she’s in town & gives a class-but, she’s from out of town so she’s not here that often at least from what I understand. If you want to get the info. ask the moderator how you can touch base with me & I’ll give you the information.


    Look at websites like OU Jobs or FEGS, they are set up to help people who are looking for work and offer free or inexpensive classes and they regularly teach these courses. Another option is to look at the library classes, they are free and a great resource. SIBL the business library in Manhattan partners with NYC Business Solutions to offer all kinds of free courses and they have 5 session Quickbooks course coming up, I think one is in Brooklyn.


    From personal experience, I can tell you this: The only way to learn Excel is to use it. Check out the Mr. Excel website too, for real-life problems and solutions. I went to a (work-mandated) Excel course once, and I learned nothing, but maybe that’s just me. Microsoft estimates that 90% of Excel users only use 10% of Excel’s potential. The main thing to know in Excel is that it can basically do anything.


    There are also lots of great YouTube tutorials.

    One thing I keep wondering is why people think that it is possible to send a private message on this website? It is not. Period.


    @jewishfeminist02 Most of the great YouTube tutorials come from Bill Jelen, founder of Mr. Excel.

    You can also check out the excelforum website, but the mods there are real jerks, and the traffic is significantly less than Mr. Excel, so they have a lot less content.


    My username is BenMiller on both of those sites, if you were curious about what my level in Excel was.


    COJO has a great teacher. At least they did in 2007.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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