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    I just purchased a new sefer, which is titled ????? ???”?

    It is compilation of questions sent to R’ Chaim over the years, with R’ Chaim’s answers.

    I am not adding anything to this. Even when I put something in brackets or parenthesis, it is because R’ Chaim did so in his answer.

    I know there are other shittos out there. I’m not here to be one of those posters who stands on their “soapbox” shouting how when a godol paskens etc.

    I’m posting this just to put it out there what R’ Chaim holds.

    Q- Is there an inyan to stand during the reading of the megilla?

    A- Every place according to their minhag [and by us we sit]

    Q- Can one listen to megilla before they say birchas hatora, in a “sha’as hadchak”?

    A- perhaps (actual text says ????)

    Q- If a male who has already been yotzei megilla is now reading for women, who should make the bracha?

    A- The Women

    Q- Is one yotzei megilla by listening to it read over the phone?

    A- Doesn’t seem likely, v’tzarich iyun

    Q- When does one give machtzis hashekel? On ta’anis esther or on purim?

    A- Ta’anis Esther

    Q- Until when is one able to give machtzis hashekel (if he didn’t do it on ta’anis esther)

    A- He has until the end of Purim

    Q- If one is very low on funds, and can either do matanos l’evyonim, or mishloach manos, which should he do?

    A- The poor have precedent

    Q- Do we need to be mechanech a koton to give matanos l’evyonim?

    A- Not the custom to do so

    Q- Can one write a check for matanos l’evyonim?

    A- Only if the funds will be available for use on Purim itself

    Q- Is the Mitzva of drinking on wine or on any type of alcoholic drink?

    A- Any [And there are those who pasken davka wine]

    Q- Must women also drink wine because of the mitzva of “l’vesumei”?

    A- No

    Q- One who has a child of chinuch age, does he also need to be “mechanech” his so to do “l’vesumei” (i.e. should he give his 9 year old alcohol?)?

    A- G-d Forbid (Actual text – ?????)

    Q- If one’s father requests that they not get drunk on purim, and they want to get drunk on purim. Must the child listen to his father?

    A- He must listen, and he can fulfill the mitzva through sleeping

    Q- Can one give Mishloach Manos before birchas hatora and davening?

    A- Not supposed to do that (actual text “???? ????”)

    Q- By Mishloach manos, do we apply the principle that it is better to do something yourself vs. having a shliach do it for you?

    A- Here the ikar mitzva is with a shliach

    Q- Am I yotzei with mishloach manos if I send frozen items?

    A- There are those who say that the items need to be ready to eat

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Thanks, JM.


    This is what Yisro meant. Why pester an Adam Gadol with questions that a Sarei Asarah could answer? These Shaalas Rav Seforim serve as entertainment all too often.

    But some were interesting, so thanks for posting.




    I think Haleive is 100% right. A few of the questions were interesting, but the majority were clear cut halacha that anyone could/should know. Certainly any Rav. Just because R’ Chaim answers any question sent to him, does that mean we have to perster him for no reason just to print a sefer with his answers, or show off to one’s friends your own personal tshuva ?

    Boo-Hah to all!



    He didn’t come out with the sefer, his gabbi did.

    And even if he did come out with it, I’d highly doubt he’d do it solely because he was pestered.

    The sefer was edited, it only had a select few of the questions which he received. And so say such a sefer is printed for no reason is out of line.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I agree with JayMatt. How many people will read such a sefer and come out with piskei halacha which they otherwise might not know? Sure, you could argue that they could have and should have gone through the halachos themselves, or asked their rav, but realistically, not everyone does. JayMatt certainly should be commended for spreading it to an audience which can gain from it.

    And with apologies to all, I must say that a light sefer with easily readable piskei halacha is at least as kosher for “entertainment” as what anyone reading (or writing) this does for leisure.


    The entertainment I’m talkking about is the ridiculous questions posed to Gedolim in these She’eilos Rav Seforim. Sure, Asos Seforim Harbeh. I have nothing against publishing it. I do have much against using a Godol as a toy.

    I saw a clip where someone showed Rav Shteinman a large Esrog. Now, if you were to show it to him and get out is one thing. To hang around and pose for pictures is Mishtamesh Betaga. It seems like the concept of Yiras Hakavod is gone — at least outside of Chasidus. The same goes for having a meeting with Rav Kanievsky, and filming it, and asking odd questions that came up in your Mosad, as a way to advertize what you do. It is obvious that these questions where not the pressing issue of the day.

    Rav Chaim Kanievsky put out Seforim. He does not put out She’eilos Rav. Those are put out by anyone who gathered enough S’chora to fill a volume.

    I have nothing against JayMatt, nor the publishing of these Seforim. As I said, my problem is with Mishtamesh Betaga and wasting the time of someone who uses it.


    Don’t get me started, HaL.

    Yiras Hakovod? An old-fashioned outdated concept.

    I wonder if you feel the same way I do about the Gedolim pics in every publication you pick up…


    There are plenty of seforim presenting basic halacha in a clear format. To publish one under the guise of “R’ Chaim’s tshuvos” is simply a marketing tool, and is as abusive of R’ Chaim as the actual houning him with the questions in the first place. I don’t know if R’ Chaim minds, nor do I think that is relevant.

    Gedolim today are like the Kosel – a backdrop for a photo.

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