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    WB, Josh. I haven’t seen you in a while.

    Surely, on the same token, you are also arguing that Modern Orthodox parents should encourage and facilitate their sons to a lifetime of intense Avoda of full time learning and long Davening as Bnei Torah, for those sons who are suited for that.



    Syag, my intention was to contribute material to the general discussion of MO taking place on the CR – I didn’t expect much of a thread to result (I’d have been okay with getting no response whatsoever).

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    got the first part, but confused about the second part (not sure if there’s a typo, word missing or it’s just me). ‘I didn’t expect much of a thread to result’

    If you mean that you didn’t expect much, then why be disappointed that you didn’t get much? I think if you would have thrown in a couple lines of opinion as an intro (you always seem pretty articulate and expressive) then it would have put a context for people to agree or disagree with. Maybe this way people would have to just agree or disagree with Rabbi Lopiansky, which wouldn’t be nearly as fun as arguing with you.

    Being bothered by peripheral talk, however, is just kinda silly. a) there’s no post number limit b) it’s always interesting to see what is on people’s minds c) that’s what we do here, we share.

    Does that help put anything in perspective? Cuz honestly, there are few things or people I would want to speak about LESS than sc. but I hate MO vs chareidi arguments cuz nobody cares about the good things the other side has to offer, just the faults, and I don’t find those conversations valuable or engaging.

    It is nice to see you join the fray tho,

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    as an afterthought – I agree pretty much with the article portion you posted. I would have preferred you left out the rest.


    DY: TY for that input. It seems from Syag’s comment she holds Mr. Carlebach in much greater esteem than, say, MBD, so she expressed great disappointment in learning SC wasn’t who she thought he was.


    you want to know what modern “orthodoxy” is?

    just look at thE OUs official policy statement in Rabbi Hoffmans latest discussion on YWN:
    ““It is the OU’s unequivocal position that support for, or celebration of, halachically proscribed conduct is fundamentally inappropriate.”
    the support and celebration of blatant open homosexuality is:”INAPPROPRIATE” !?
    is this the Torah of Hashem!?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    It seems from Syag’s comment she holds Mr. Carlebach in much greater esteem than, say, MBD

    She can speak for herself if she chooses, but I did not get that impression whatsoever.


    Please note !
    As it seems the fact of goishe music is concerning others let me give my humble understanding
    There is studying secular or listening to secular music just for its own sake then there is using what ever is needed to help us in עבודת השם so then it’s holy .
    An example to bring it across , it states re Reb Yehuda Hanosi who raised his hands before his passing and declared i did not benefit at all from this world .but how could that be .so the answer given sure he took and benefited but it was לשם שמים
    In that light The Rambam Rishonim and those who used Gentile music has to be understood .
    I heard last week Rabbi Miller said to his audience I read more secular books then anyone here .it’s the same understanding
    At the same time he preached not to learn secular not to listen to the Radio .
    I hope it clarifies the general debate

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I would spit if I could but it wouldn’t get approved


    What if you listen to Jewish music for its own sake?


    I didn’t intend to join the fray, and I’m actually not a fan of the discussion
    of this subject on the CR in general – I just thought the article was one worth
    sharing and relevant to a popular subject, so I’d post it.

    I try to avoid voicing an opinion on complex matters that I’m not qualified
    to have an opinion on. My feelings about the thread derailment were…
    Well, maybe they weren’t “justified”, but I was disappointed, after seeing
    the post count on the thread, to come in and find mostly that stuff
    (and I haven’t experienced a thread derailment before, or at least
    one that I remember right now, so I wasn’t expecting it).

    I thought that providing some context for the article was in order –
    would you not question why it had been published otherwise?

    Thank you for the compliment.

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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