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    Please daven for Shlomo Leib ben Miriam today, especially around noon. He needs our tefilos!

    Shticky Guy

    ??? ???? ?? ?? ???? is on my ????? list. I daven for him 3 times a day. But why especially now at noon does he need us? Can you update us on his condition?


    I dont feel comfortable discussing medical information on a public forum… I know that everyone wants to know because they care, but there are privacy issues and unless i ask the Rav directly if it is ok to say this or that, I personally dont feel comfortable so I am not the one to ask. Suffice it to say that he continues to need our tefillos so please daven that a yeshua should come and he should be granted a refua sheleima bsoch shar cholei yisroel! Tizku L’Mitzvos!


    Refuh Sheleima


    Leib is spelled lamed yud yud beis.

    How is he I havent heard anything in months.


    Yidden are asked to recite Tehillim and learn Torah for Rav Shlomo Brevda, who is in need of a refuah sheleimah. He is hospitalized in the ICU and is in serious condition.

    Rav Brevda is one of the most well-known maggidei shiur and darshanim and has delivered thousands of drashos in Jewish communities worldwide.

    The name for Tehillim is Rav Shlomo Leib ben Miriam.

    May we only hear besuros tovos.


    I just wanted to post a note to say that yesterday I read in the Hebrew Yated on the pages in the back where people have comments that they send in to the Yated that the family wanted to thank all those who said Tehillim for R’ Brevda. He has recovered to the point that he is able to breath and eat on his own, which is a total nes. They are saying that Tehillim is still needed for his refuah and they list phone numbers where people can contact if they want to participate. I am not sure if I am allowed to put them in my post. If the mods say it is OK, I will get my paper and copy over what is written there. Anyway, even if you can’t participate officially, keep saying Tehillim.

    Besuros tovos!


    Thank you, Nechomah, for the update. That’s such great news!!!



    Thanks! Baruch Hashem. I’m so worried about him. I try to have him in mind daily in various brachos or learning. May he have a refuah shelayma bekarov!


    I love Rabbi Brevda’s shiurim. Thanks for the heads up!


    Rav Brevda is an amazing man, I don’t know anyone else who can speak divrei mussar for 2 and a half hours on a topic and keep his audience interested. It goes without saying that his seforim on the perush hagrah especially the one on purim are “must learn” seforim.

    May he have a refua sh’leima


    Well, unfortunately I saw the news on YWN that he was niftar last night. The oilam has lost a great man. BD”E. We should only hear besuros tovos.


    Baruch Dayan Haemes

    Almost everything I learned has been from Rav’s ZTL’s shiurim. If anyone can share personal stories maybe, please do.


    Remembering Harav Shlomo Brevda zt”l on his 6th Yahrtzeit – 26 Chodesh Teves (Jan 3rd ’19)

    Rav Brevda zt”l often mentioned in his inspiring Shiurim that one has to excel in the Midah of Hakoras Hatov, explaining that if a person is lacking in the Middah of Hakoras Hatov towards anyone that has done them a favor helped them etc. and they don’t show enough appreciation by expressing gratitude they are missing the essence of being a Yid.

    The Rav said that we find in Parshas Chayai Sorah that when Avrohom Avinu was negotiating with the Bnei Chase trying to purchase a burial plot the Meoras HaMachpelah for the burial of Sorah Imeinu he basically got the run-around, until they finally honored Avrohon Avinu as a great prince agreeing to hand over the burial plot of Avrohom Avinus choice for the burial of Sorah Imeinu. Right away in the next Posuk it states that Avrohom Avinu bowed down immediately to thank them.

    The Rav asked why couldn’t Avrohon Avinu wait until the entire transaction was completed to thank them? What was his rush to thank them in the middle of his negotiations? The Rav explained that when one receives a gift or a favor from a friend and they thank them on the spot it’s done with 100% of appreciation – HaKoras Hatov but the longer they wait, the lesser of a thank you will be given, and at times if it’s pushed off there won’t be any appreciation shown at all.

    Avrohom Avinu excelled in HaKoras Hatov so he thanked them IMMEDIATELY. Only then did Avrohom Avinu bury Sarah in the Meoras HaMachpelah.

    In line with the above mentioned thought it is worthwhile to note that immediately upon arising in the morning we say Modeh Ani thanking Hashem for giving us back our Neshoma. We say Modeh Ani even before washing Negel Vasser perhaps the reason is because if we were to push off expressing our gratitude to Hashem, with time we can forget to even thank Hashem at all.

    During Rav Brevdas lifetime he was always very careful after saying Modeh Ani in the morning to immediately wash Negel Vasser at his bedside before putting his feet down on the floor (as mentioned in Zohar Chadash 18). The Rav was always very scrupulous not to walk without washing Negel Vasser. Rav Brevda personally prepared his Negel Vasser near his bed before going to sleep at night (keeping it covered overnight) to ensure that he would immediately thank Hashem for returning his Neshoma in the morning and that right away be able to wash Negel Vasser in the proper way before placing his feet on the floor. (It is known that who ever washes Negel Vasser in the morning before placing their feet on the floor has a greater power to win over the Yetzer Hora that day)

    Since Rav Brevda zt”l spent his life giving to the public through his amazing shiurim giving advice and other acts of Chessed, it would be a gesture of appreciation to the Neshoma of the Rav, if people around the globe can light a candle, give Tzedakah, do a Chessed, learn Torah/Mishnayos, and improve in the Middah of Hakaros Hatov, L’ilui Nishmas Reb Shoima Leib Ben Reb Moishe Yitzchok zt”l.

    Thank you Klall Yisroel !!!
    May he be a Malitz Yosher in Shamayim for all of Klall Yisroel…
    and may his Neshama have an Aliya.

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