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    I’m turning to coffee room historians! I remember hearing about a Rav in New York who was involved in a fight with the mob over food quality (affected kashrus, where meat and milk came from), and was eventually killed by the mob. I cannot remember who this was said about, so I am asking the coffee room. Any help or info appreciated.


    I think you are referring to R Yakov Yosef who was the chief Rabbi of NYC from the late 1800s until he was niftar in 1902. I don’t think he was killed by the mafia physically but all the aggravation from the mafia & the maskillim & butchers killed him.


    Rav Reuvain Grozovsky was hit by a car against the light

    He eventually succumbed

    To this day it is still unclear who was behind it


    Thanks, I think it was Rav rueven I was trying to remember


    Rav Kowalsky of Queens was very nearly killed more than once


    While on the subject,could anyone explain how come the Ferris wheel in Staten Island has so far cost $ 600 million to build

    Where is the money going to?


    Building gigantic Ferris wheels is expensive.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    “While on the subject…”

    What subject? New York?

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    “Where is the money going to?”

    A lot of it probably goes to all the workers who presumably have to spend a lot of time on this and probably get paid well. And a lot of it probably goes for the materials that Ferris Wheels are made with (whatever they are). There are probably also a lot of things that you need to use when you are constructing something (besides the materials themselves), and they probably cost a lot.


    Also some of the Ferris Wheel money needs to go to a savings account where it can build interest.

    In the event that chas v’shalom ma’she’oo koreh, az the funds will go to quiet anyone and the press.

    Fortunately 20-cents of each dollar spent on machinery, publicity, and corn dogs, goes directly into the hearts of a thousand illiterate Kindle readers.


    Is this about rav ruevain published anywhere?



    In the Old Jewish Observer biographies

    It also well known


    There were other Rabbonim who were threatened and retreated


    lilmod ulelamaid and lightbrite,

    $600,000,000 ?!


    Lol IITFT!

    What do you want? You really want the truth *It’s Time for Truth*?


    But don’t say that I didn’t warn you.


    $500 million of the $600 million was used to purchase luxury cell phone cases.

    The rest of the money is being funneled towards the Ferris Wheel, purchased via Costco’s “Circus” Services portal.

    Thank you Staten Island for keeping it real.


    It Is Time For Truth,

    Just curious. How would you break down the costs?

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Dunno. Never built a ferris wheel, so I have no idea what it costs.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Also, never saw that amount of money.


    It’s not just the wheel ( which will be, at 60 stories tall, the biggest in the world


    All of you might be right, and that would be wonderful.. or a bit naive


    This Ferris Wheel sounds like a big deal


    From today:

    It is not yet clear if the two shootings are related.

    The dead person was a member of the Haifa Bais Din staff, officials said.

    Rabbi Illuz works on a bais din that deals with geirus.

    All are asked to daven for Yechiel be Rochel.

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