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    Rabbi Jonathan Sacks [ZTL ZYA] said this in The House of Lords on May 2011 CE:

    “How can we be speaking about peace,
    when Hamas remains committed as a matter-of-principle,
    to the elimination of the State of Israel?

    When it engages in missile attacks against innocent civilians
    and uses its own innocent civilians as Human Shields?

    When it propagates some of the most vicious
    anti-Semitic myths to have ever inflamed the
    hatred and the anesthetized conscience of human beings?

    Peace is more than a resting place on the road to war.
    I cannot make peace with one who denies my right to exist.”

    NOTE: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks was a member of The House of Lords.

    NOTE: Hamas remains committed to killing ALL JEWS,
    both inside and outside the State of Israel.

    SOURCE: YouTube video titled: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
    gave this speech about Hamas in 2011! #israel


    Rabbi Sacks was a great man


    Sad how the environment for yidden in the UK has taken such a downward spiral since he was niftar


    Rabbi Jonathan Sacks made this statement 13 years ago,
    but even after all those years,
    his words are still 100% true and 100% relevant.


    קושיא קא חזינא גברא לא קא חזינא

    Rabbi Sacks was well and truly right

    But that alone not a great man makes


    You seem to be implying that he wasn’t a great man whyso?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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