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    Has anyone ever heard Rabbi Keleman’s story about his son? AMAZING!!!!

    What’s your favorite part?


    never heard of it.


    I heard it about a year or so ago. It was really incredible. If you go to simpletoremember they have a bunch of his speeches that are really great.


    Yes, I did hear of it & I heard the tape approximately about a yr. or 2 ago. It was an amazing, incredible, fascinating & truly humorous story in terms of the way he put it down. Although the story in and of itself is rather a sad one, but, however, the way in which he dramatizes the story, I was literally in hysterics-I just couldn’t stop laughing at the time. But, the lesson he brought out from there was truly amazing. It was extremely inspiring I must say.

    By the way, for those of you who may not know, you can find Rabbi Keleman’s article’s on http://www.Torahanytime.com. Just scroll down until you find his name/picture & click into it. They have some of his lecture’s posted there for anyone to listen to. Enjoy!!


    Amazing story of Hashgaha Pratit. He really knows how to tell a story.

    Heard it on http://www.simpletoremember.com


    it is amazing. i heard him tell it about 12 years ago. i can’t even think of the best part because he tells the whole story so well. the amazing thing is that the keleman’s really know how to work on their middos, and he uses this story to show emunah.


    mikehall12382: Rabbi Feur’s KOLEL is for older people, and for select individuals. As a generality, Rabbi Feur does not encourage boys attending university. Certainly not during one’s very young years.


    That story is amazing. I made sure to lend out the CD


    “Rabbi Feur’s KOLEL is for older people, and for select individuals. As a generality, Rabbi Feur does not encourage boys attending university”….regardless accoring to Rabbi Keleman, everyone who attends Rabbi Feur’s KOLEL has a secular university degree…unfortunatly my previous post was delested by the MODS


    It was AMAZING! Such Yad Hashem!


    The whole thing was AMAZING.

    You could NOT turn it off in the middle.

    One of the “best” lines in it where was where, I forget if they were non-Jewish or non-frum, medical techs in the ambulance ask one of Rav Firer’s guys how much they get paid for what they do, and they answer that they don’t know.

    The other medical techs look at them and ask ‘How can you not know what you get paid?’

    They respond that they don’t get paid in olam hazeh, and don’t know what they’ll get paid in the next world.


    Is it the one with the baby? If it is that story is so amazing an some of it is funny too.



    I have heard it & it is really an amazing story.


    I don’t get it. 14 posts and not a single person thinks that the story was just simply AMAZING???


    Derech HaMelech…just about every post mentioned it was amazing….




    Wow! Great responses!!

    I loved the part with the taxi driver and the misrad ha’pnim. I just sent the story to a friend of mine who isn’t yet frum and I hope she’ll listen to it.

    I also LOVE hearing the part about paying his check at the end and the INCREDIBLE yad Hashem that we see there. If anyone hasn’t heard it, you can download it at http://www.simpletoremember.com/media/a/weareNeverAlone/

    ENJOY and let us know how you like it!!


    Can anyone post a summary of the story? The main gist of it? Thanks.


    BPG, it’s about his son who was born with a very severe heart defect and had to be flown to the US for emergency surgery to save his life. The story is full of hashgocha pratis and is told in a fascinating way.


    B.P. Girl –

    If you hear the “gist of it” you will miss out on gist of it.

    The gist of it is, how each individual element of what could have been a very tragic story, instead, through chasdai HaSh-m, through HaSh-m orchestrating every detail, every twist and turn of the story, ends up being a huge yeshua.

    Don’t cheat yourself by hearing or reading a synopsis. The story takes about an hour and you will love every second.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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