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    Avira > Also chazal say openly that one does not stub their toe without it being announced min hashomayim.

    There is a second opinion in that Gemor and R Tendler mentions both, I think. (I am not on any side here, just adding info).



    1) It’s not that we can’t follow Rishonim unless acharonim go the same way. It is that we don’t change the accepted psak based on the writings of a Rishon that were only re-discovered after the psak/hanhagah was accepted.
    2) We typically follow rov Rishonim in halacha but not all Rishonim are equal. The Shulchan Aruch went with the Rif, the Rambam, and the Rosh and followed the rov of those three. The Rama held that Tosfos, and others, should be included too. But everyone agrees that the “shita lo noda l’mi” doesn’t impact halacha.
    3) While we follow rov Rishonim, m’ikar hadin. We can be meikel like minority opinions or be machmir like minority opinions in certain situations.
    And of course, there are plenty machlokesim among acharonim.



    Where are you getting that from the Ramban? He is saying that when the posuk uses the word “knowing” it is referring not to literal knowledge but to Hashem’s hashgacha. For most people this is general hashgacha. But for the righteous the hashgacha is over every prat. Hashem is constantly guarding the righteous.

    According to this Ramban, when a person experiences hashgacha pratis over a small issue it is a wonderful sign. A smile from shamayim that the person is doing the right thing in life.

    Yes, Rishonim need interpretation. But the interpretation can’t be that we just don’t hold from these Rishonim unless we have major Rishonim against them. The Ramban repeats this opinion in multiple places and explains a bunch of pesukim according to this shita.

    Note, believing that things “just happen” is not the same thing as this Ramban. Hashem set up a briya with rules. And there is definitely hashgacha klalis on all people. But if a person is not zoche they are subject to the rules of the briya as Hashem created them.

    This mehalech leads to people striving to get close to Hashem. To keep the mitzvos. Because they want הנה עין ה’ אל יראיו.


    @AAQ, “I think it is zechus to a neshomah if his works lead to some interesting Torah discussions”
    This discussion is very much like the people who come to be menachem ovel and get a whole discussion with each other about various topic and totally ignore the ovel, someone started a new thread feel free to continue ” interesting Torah discussions” there or start a new thead called “interesting Torah discussions”

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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