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    legit I recommend listening to r wallerstein’s shiurim @ torahanytime.com. he’s very down to earth & always has a good message.


    Hi psikreisha,

    Firstly, welcome to the cr. Its always nice to see new faces around here.

    Second, I like you, dude! We get along great! R’ Wallerstein’s shiurim have gotten me out of so many creepy situations. His shiurim move me to tears 🙂 I love that guy- wish I’d know him in real life.


    I’m with u guys I listen to his shiurim 1-2 times per week even when I’m really busy and I always leave them feeling inspired


    As soon as the dude said that zumba was not what Sarah imeinu would do I was very turned off.


    May G-d Bless him with a happy healthy life!

    I wish i can be more like him, He’s a strong man


    “Ahsei Licha Rav” – he may not appeal to everyone but he is certainly a source of support to many in the community and for that alone he has my respect.


    omg i love him he’s amazing!!!!!!!!! so so inspiring!


    I always enjoy his shiurim and am very inspired by his dedication and mesiras nefesh for Klal yisroel. Truly someone to look up to and want to emulate.


    Secularfrummy, I think that you should find out more of the story before u go judging. Listen to some of his recent shiurim, and you will see that he says that he was speaking in Boro park to a group of woman who never listens to English music, and yes, listening to it at Zumba might make them want to listen to it at other times as well.

    The same Rabbi Wallerstein that gave that speech that u heard about how you shouldn’t do Zumba (which btw only started at the 38th minute of his speech – and let me guess that you only heard that part and not the whole beginning) hired a DJ to play English music for his students from his high school on New Years from 12-3 am so that they shouldn’t be in other places.

    So for the crowd that he was speaking to, it was wrong for then to go to Zumba, and for his high school, it was the right thing for them to be doing. He was only speaking to the crowd that he was standing in front of. I think that a Rav that gives advice to people based on the individual is much better then one that gives the same advice to everyone, regardless of the situation.


    totally maskim



    He is known as Rabbi not dude.

    Simcha 44

    SecularFrummy – I can’t fathom the pain and embarrassment that your family has had to endure since this Rav made a negative comment about an exercise class (!). I’m assuming you’re familiar with many of his shiurim and heard that particular shiur in its entirety before writing him off, huh?

    I think from now on, any Rabbi who makes fun of the Mets should be stripped of their title and his speeches should be blocked from my computer.



    There is an common mussar shiur about where ever you are Hashem is watching, So even if you do an averiah in Public and nobody seems , Hashem sees.

    Today with Smart Phones, everyone has a portable video camera, Everything you say and do can be videoed and put on you tube. You should always watch what you are saying, you never know when someone is taping you and going to put it on youtube. You should doublely watch your speech and actions.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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