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    I am trying to find out about a rabbi, his name was Rabbi Yosef (Joseph) Hirsh. He was a rabbi in Brooklyn (Boro Park I think) and was originally from Krakow. He died around 1950/60s. That’s all I know.

    Does anyone know anything else?

    Thanks so much


    Google tells me that he was in the Plashow work camp during World

    War II, where he worked in the camp’s library along with other rabbanim

    (from To Vanquish the Dragon, by Pearl Benisch – a book I’d recommend,

    by the way), and that someone by that name published a sefer on

    the Haggadah called Eretz Tzvi in New York in 1965. A genealogy

    site has a listing for someone with his name (but with no date

    of birth or death listed there, it can’t be confirmed) listed as

    having been married to Reisel, daughter of Simcha Frankel, and

    someone whose maiden name was Kartegener (first name unlisted).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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