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    At today’s shul farbrengen, my LOR kept saying that things were a rachmanis. What did he mean?

    I asked the Rebbetzin what it meant, and she said “pity.” In the past, I thought that it meant mercy. Yet in context, neither definitions made sense.

    Is rachmanis used in a different way to talk about halacha in the gemara? Or about what Chazal tell us?

    Thank you


    catch yourself

    “A rachmanus” is often used to mean “a situation which evokes feelings of pity.” For example, “Beryl is such a rachmanus” would mean that something about Beryl’s personal situation induces one to feel pity towards him.


    Every language has it’s own horizons.It’s impossible to translate accurately from one language to another

    People do the best they can






    Thank you ~ So would it make sense to say that you have rachmanis on Chazal over their machlokes?



    Why would one need to have pity on Chazal over their machlokes? Machlokes leshaim shomayim is not machlokes like what people try to avoid in our times. Chazal were trying to clarify Emes. That is the purest kind of machlokes.

    Please explain further what you mean, as I must not have understood what you were trying to ask.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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