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    Ohad Hemo is known throughout Israel by Arabs and Jews as a familiar face in media. Especially on Arab affairs. He routinely tries to find excuses fir bigoted attacks. But it blew in his face (just like it did last year, 22.11.21, when ordinary Arabs told him no Jew should live in Israel, period).

    Excerpt from:

    “Neither livelihood nor al-Aqsa: they simply hate Jews.”
    Shilo Freid, Makor Rishon, May 10, ’22

    Against the background of the wave of terrorist attacks, Ohad Hemo went to East Jerusalem and discovered to his amazement (or not) that young Arabs there wanted to kill us

    An article by Ohad Hemo, the commentator on Arab affairs of News 12, was broadcast last night (Monday) with a precise timing: Hamu went to East Jerusalem to hear what young Arabs think of Jews, with the sequence of attacks continuing in the background.

    “Every Jew and Jew should die. Every Jew,” said a boy named Ahmed Lehemu. “me too?” The reporter asked twice and the young man answered unequivocally “Yes. All the Jews.”
    “I tell you – I am with Hamas. I go with Hamas. Not Palestine, not Fatah, nothing, only Hamas,” said a young resident of the Shuafat … “There is nothing about Hamas. Sinwar scared them madly, hid behind the trees. When Abu Obeida threatened them, Abu Obeida has a word, when he threatened them they started hiding in their homes,” said another interviewee.

    Hemo tried to pretend to be surprised, but this is not the first time he has brought up these voices – exactly the voices the left prefers to ignore. For years they explain that terrorism is the result of oppression, fighting for the homeland, despair of the peace process. But here eloquent and clear young people come and say exactly what they think, without apologizing: their problem is not a hill in Samaria, not a Palestinian state, not Jerusalem and not even the desecration of al-Aqsa. They just hate Jews, and want to murder as many of us as possible. Like that, simple. No opening for arrangement, understanding or in-depth analysis.


    From journalist Ariel Schnabel (May 10, ’22):

    And again our corner “Just listen to them”:
    Ohad Hemo in Shu’afat, interviewing people on the street.
    Not “extremists”, not “terrorist operatives”, not “armed” – a group of random young Arabs:
    “Every Jew should die[sic].”
    “me too?” Asks Hemo,
    And they are not confused: “Yes! Yes! Every Jew and Jew need to die[sic]! It is written in the Qur’an that every Jew and Jew should die[sic]!”
    Will you finally listen to them, dreamy “peace” of your kind?



    Do you agree with this?
    “I’m waiting for a leader that will put the fear of G-d into our enemies. Better yet, I’m waiting for a leader who will wipe our enemies off the face of the earth once and for all.


    Bennet is a total disappointment. He never gets that the softer you are, the more racist attacks increase.

    “…אלא חורא גנב”

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