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    Zvika Klein @ZvikaKlein Tweeted on Feb 16, ’23.

    BDS shares concentration camp photo, claims its a “massacre” of Palestinians. Min’ @AmichaiChikli: The racist BDS breaks a Guinness record, using a pic from German concentration camp to lie about a fictional massacre during Israel’s 1948 war.


    After the clashes at Tantura resurfacing with a propaganda film based on Falsehoods promoted by the terrible Haaretz, there was then a pushback, including by historian Benny Morris and by academics on the ‘way’ the fictional film was done.

    Tantura libel:

    The legend of Tantura: It does not make sense that none of the villagers told about the massacre.
    Benny Morris, July 28, ’22.

    In my naivete, I thought that in the movie “Jenin, Jenin” (2002), directed by Muhammad Bakri, we reached the peak of historical falsehood, when manipulations and lies, visual and verbal, come together and give the viewer a distorted and false picture of what happened. But Alon Schwartz, in his film “Tantura”, which has just been released, definitely surpasses his teacher and his brother, at least in the field of manipulation, shticks and tricks. Now he also did this in his article, “This is how the ‘Tantura’ affair was silenced” (”Haaretz”, 7/22). Like the film, the article suffers from extreme dishonesty. Basically, this is an act of deception.


    Israel Academia Monitor, Tantura Back in the Spotlight,  27 January ’22.

    Editorial Note:
    The battle of Tantura in the War of Independence is back in the spotlight. Akevot, an anti-Israel Israeli NGO, the house of several anti-Israel Israeli academics, advised the director of a new film on the Tantura battle, as Dr. Adam Raz, the researcher at Akevot, has written in Haaretz….
    Katz admitted he received $8000 in cash from a Palestinian Authority research center to defend his case in court, a month before the Second Intifada erupted.


    Israeli University Head Slams Research on 1948 Tantura Massacre ‘Used to Advance Political Agenda.’
    The author ‘made every possible mistake’ in his thesis and lacked the training to conduct it, Haifa University’s rector argues. Ofer Aderet, Jun 8, ’22.
    Palestinians leaving the village of Tantura in 1948… The rector of the University of Haifa slammed Tuesday a graduate research paper at the university from the late 1990s alleging an Israeli “massacre[sic]” of Palestinians in 1948.


    Naama Riva, “The direct line ….” August 1, ’22.

    In recent years, the fashion that characterizes intellectuals in their own eyes is to inflate and distort history or reinvent it in order to attack the founders of the State of Israel, most of whom were.. Ashkenazim. It is not clear why those groups of people, who sometimes overlap, instead of dealing with the crimes and injustices that occurred and left behind a respectable archival trail, tell a new story based on oral testimonies given decades after the case itself, distort data and use violent language against researchers and interested parties who present documents and facts . Sometimes, those intellectuals tell a different kind of story, as if the education system and the academy are silencing a dramatic and important event in the history of the Jewish people, while completely ignoring the facts.


    Our World: The bothersome, annoying truth, Jerusalem Post, Oct 14, ’13.
    Veterans of the battle sued Katz for libel. They won. Indeed, in testimony before the district court judge Katz admitted his thesis was a fabrication.


    The story of Tantura – the end of the blood libel. alexandroni[dot]org/tantura

    Good to know

    I just saw Zvika Klein’s piece on jpost. Truly the “palestinian” Holocauasst diminishing industry have no limits.

    Good to know

    I just saw Zvika Klein’s piec on jpost. It’s outrageous.

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