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    So I’m sitting in the subway playing with my phone on the way back from work when I hear mutterings, “money grabbers” rich landlords” and whatnot. I look up and see a few frum people standing, just trying to ignore the epithets that were emanating from a deranged black man which were growing louder and louder. I was trying to gather up the courage to start yelling “listen you &*%$#&@!!!” but I didn’t have the courage; nay, the guts to do that and just hung my head low like everyone else whilst this maniac continued on his tirade against our people and religion.

    I wish I was 7 feet tall and had the powers to offer him a closeup encounter with my fist. I was just imagining if some non black nut would start yelling the N word or something in a subway crowded with black people, it would’ve been an entire different outcome.

    What is one supposed to do in this case? Just ignore the insults or should you defend your dignity and yell back?


    Hane’elavin V’ainum Ol’vim…


    …unless its against other Yidden. Or it can end up by other Yidden if you don’t put your foot down. Maybe also if the man is deranged. Or if you’ll get beaten up.


    Please. If only that would have been the extent of the Galus, that a deranged person would yell insults.


    “deranged black man”

    Never start up with a deranged person they are deranged you dont know what they are capable of.


    you should be quiet & dont make a whole comootion that will just make more people say bad things on klal yisroel


    LS – Best thing is to get away -leave the area. There is something called PD. You can call them if you’re being harrassed. If physically attacked use Mace and then run because they will charge you with something in this “Free” country. You will be wrong, no matter what, in our PC country of ours.


    Take up a collection from the other frum jews on the train and give the guy $2 to go buy a happy meal for supper. you, and your coreligionists will become his best5 friend.

    sof davar

    Smile at him. You win and don’t make a commotion.


    I have heard the opposite case of white deranged using N word with blacks present and nothng was done. only thing about a weapon like mace it has to work, you have to test it periodcially.


    But think of the tax dollars we save by not locking up deranged people unless they hurt someone. And since many of the seriously deranged are unable to care for themselves, they often expire, thereby saving us more tax money. It’s quite efficient.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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