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    Doe anyone know when raisin Challah is supposed to be used?

    Is it Rosh hashanah? Simchas Torah? Purim?

    Any clues?


    Never heard of it but here are a few other Challah minhogim.

    On Rosh Hashana the challah may be rolled into a circular shape (sometimes referred to as a “Turban Challah”), symbolizing the cycle of the year. Sometimes the top is brushed with honey in honor of the “sweet new year.”

    The Middle Eastern Mizrahis use a flat bread resembling pitta. In some traditions twelve pitta breads are used, to represent the Lechem Hamishneh. They are arranged in two layers, with the central two breads of the upper layer used for the blessing. Mizrahis of Central Asian-Bukharian descent eat a bread called leeposhka.

    For the Shabbat after Passover, some families have a tradition of baking “shlissel challah,” with the impression of key on top or an actual key baked inside. This is supposed to be a segula for one’s livelihood.


    Usually from Rosh Hashana thru Hoshana Rabba, some people use it Shmini Atzeres as well.


    We use it from Rosh Hashana through Simchas Torah, and only eat it with honey throughout that time. The challahs are baked in a spiral circular shape.


    I like to use the honey bears at the table, and everyone use your own because I cannot deal with the honey smeared all over the table! We do this for Rosh Hashana and yom kippur (seudas mafsekes) Since the honey attracts bees, we don’t do it in the succah. Then again, everything attracts the bees. My kids start screaming at the sight of a bee and run into the house terrified. The bees also love gefilte fish and meat. UGH, remind me later about setting up my bee traps before yom tov, sorry bee lovers.


    “Doe anyone know when raisin Challah is supposed to be used?

    Is it Rosh hashanah? Simchas Torah? Purim?

    Any clues?”

    Whenever you want, I guess.


    If you leave the bees alone they won’t sting. Also, bees aren’t flies – they eat nectar, not leftovers.


    Give me a break-

    I told my kids that if they leave the bees alone they won’t sting, but it doesn’t help! They are still terrified. Also, the type of bees we have, yellow jackets, chew on meat and other scraps to feed to their larvae. No, I am not a bee keeper, I googled it! (ahhh, the wonders of the internet…) I really don’t like to put out the bee traps, but I don’t know of anything else that will keep them away. I put the bee traps out and away from our succah, as I do not enjoy watching the poor bees doing the back stroke in a mire of honey, nebach…

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