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    Bob Squappstien

    I just moved to Ramat Eshkol, and I’m trying to figure out where and when the minyanim are. I know that Vishnitz is in Sanhedria, but that’s close enough for me. Does anybody know what time the minyanim go until there?

    If you want to add to this, please do:

    Weekday Minyanim:

    B’nei Yishivos (Ramat Eshkol) in the park:

    Shacharis last minyan at 8:15

    Mincha – 20 min before shkia

    Ma’ariv Aravim – last minyan at 11:30


    Where in Ramat Eshkol are you? Closer to Givat Hamivtar, Sanhedria, or Maalot Dafna?


    I have a printed list from the Mikva Shul (Sanhedria Shul/Bnos Ezras Tziyon on Achinoam) they put out twice a year of all the minyanim in the Shchuna (Including Sanhedria, Pagi, Uriel, Mishkan Esther, Neve Shalom, Yad Shmuel & Shaarei Nisim)


    Pagi has Shacharis 6, 6.35, 7.05, 7.30 then continuous minyanim and Maariv at 20 after Shkia, 8.15, 9, 10, 11.

    Mikva Shul has Sh: 6.30/8.00 Min: 1.20/1.45/3.30/12 min b4 shkia Ma: 20 min after shkia/10.15

    Vizhnitz has Shacharis until 10.30 if I remember correctly, Mincha from about an hour before Shkia, and Maariv till about 12

    If you ever get desperate, there’s Ohr Hatzofun (first left on Bar Ilan) that goes till about 2 am.


    There is a small basement shteible on Rechov Ramat Hagolan which I’m pretty sure has a daily Shachris and Shabbos minyanim.


    There’s Rabbi Brazil’s yeshiva (16 Ramat Hagolan). They daven shacharis 7:30 every day. Next door (#18) they have a 7:15 sacharis

    just me

    There is a lovely shul on…I think 82 Sheishes Yomim or 82 Yam Suf (they intersect by the kikar near Poran)…I think. But I do know for sure that my husband loved the minyan. There is a small yeshiva on the top floor, if that helps. It is a block off Sedorot Eshkol.


    shachris in vishnitz continues untill at least 10.30 eevery morning with friday being even later.

    ps dont daven in vishnitz shabbos morning unless you want to come come at 2pm!


    Ramat Eshkol also has the menorah shul (torah utefillah) – its on maavar hamitlah right next door to gurelitz bakery

    and bnei torah is also in the park- on the way down to bnei hayeshivos

    not sure what times they daven though

    that shteeble on ramat hagolan that lemony snicket is talking about davens at 9:00 on shabbos morning

    and maalot dafna has a 9:20 shabbos morning minyan if u ever oversleep…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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