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    Say u have trouble waking up in the morning. U ask someone to please spill water on u if u ever ignore the alarm one morning. And u do. And they spill water on u. Would u get angry at the person?


    Of course not… is this a real situation or a metaphor?


    Obviously not.


    Depends. Was it room temperature water or scalding hot water?


    Well assuming that i wouldn’t have been too serious in telling someone to throw water at me than yes! Say, don’t come to near, the fireworks may begin!


    Getting angry and being justified in being angry are two different things. If I was exaggerating and joking with that request and they did it, I’d probably be angry, but I might not be justified if I didn’t make it clear that I was joking.


    I’d never allow water to get on my 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets! (Except when being washed) When I needed help waking up, there’s always the duster in the ear. Works like a charm.

    Though I pity the person doing it. For when I swing full force at the imaginary insect crawling in my ear the person standing in that vicinity usually ends up on the floor.


    Ice water works better for waking people up.


    no i would say “thanks!”


    The Rambam says in Hilchot De’ot (perek aleph, halacha dalet) that, “one should not become angry, except for a great matter that warrants anger in order that he should not do it again another time.” In the grand scheme of things, is this a “great matter that warrants anger”? Hardly…

    ☕️coffee addict

    why would you, you told him to wake you up this way

    minyan gal

    bein_hasdorim, if you have 1000 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets, I would like to be a house guest at your place. I shall let you know when to pick me up at the airport. They only use linens like this at a very few 5 star or higher hotels. I suspect the room rates at your place would be more reasonable.


    I would be angry at myself for having asked them to do, while the cold water is running down my face disturbing my sweet dreams, dreaming that I had just won the lottery.

    But no, after getting initially “annoyed”- if it was important i wake up then I’d be thankful I asked them to do it, and that they’d done it for me.


    “I’d never allow water to get on my 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets! (Except when being washed)”

    what is the difference exactly?


    One dosent need a reason to be angry in the morning.


    deiyezooger, I am usually angry upon wakening. When I return to reality, where the mess is, kids are screaming and crying, we’re late for the bus, laundry, cooking, shopping, banking, chicken soups to cook, pack up and freeze, ironing, cleaning the bathrooms, mess everywhere you look. Kids have turned everything over from room to room.

    I try to daven a few words for help, before saying modeh ani.


    s2021, I don’t believe you can control an emotion until it happens and you understand the emotion and why you are feeling it. Anger is an emotion. You can take control of it only at the point that you understand it. So most probably the first reaction is to “feel” angry and once you realize that you actually gave instructions to do this and therefor are responsible for this the anger will subside and you will probably find it funny.


    You were asking for it.


    Absolutely not, if that had been my request and the water waws neither too hot nor too cold. They did a chessed by getting up to do this for you. Hopefully, they were not kanoim when they did it.


    Deyez- thanks for the laugh! You are so right about that one!

    always here

    I’d suggest a shpritz bottle of tepid water…. gentler.


    minyan gal; We don’t charge guests, we only expect them to eat heartily and enjoy themselves. (Maybe compliment the chef)

    and the Chefs helper. (I’m not saying which one I am.)

    bomb; the exact difference is almost the same as when you

    run in the rain, but don’t dive into your washing machine yelling

    Stop! Get it out! Water! Ahhhh!


    I probably would be annoyed but I would know that I asked for it. Its just that when it happens its in the morning and i would be half asleep and when i would ask for it, it would be at night when I’m wide awake.

    also there’s a difference between pouring water and spraying water. a few shpritzes aren’t as bad as a cup of water being poured.

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