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    Some guy

    people are saying “look how far we’ve gone, we’re so sophisticated, we were oppressing black people and now we are electing them as president,” seriously, there is something called “gone too far”

    PS: hope this isn’t off topic


    1) As long as people are still saying “this wasn’t about race” the entire election was based on race

    2) 0 out of 10 … if Jimmy Carter likes him, then we have a problem


    tentwenty30- you would give him that much? He is planning a spending bill that will send money we dont have to other countries and that wont help our economy!

    If we have such a poor economy, why are we sending money to other countries to help them??? like mexico, Africa….

    Why would be be closing G-Bay? where will the terrorists and murderers go??? back to their country so that they can bomb us again????

    Oh, and what about Nancy Pelosi’s proposal that if we dont pass this bill then 500,000 poeple will be out of a job per month… um, in one year that would be 6 million workers… ok, that would mean everyone, including the PRESIDENT and Pelosi herself would be out of a job… wait- that wouldnt be too bad…. 😉

    Srry- he gets a -8 in my book…


    I’m sick of seeing his face everywhere!! They worship him!! Uch enough already!!


    isnt it weird that when u say u dont like obama its suddenly racism but so many ppl hate bush and thats not racism??



    The saddest thing is when I have to continually explain to frum people from E”Y who should know better that Obama is not David Levy, a man from a supposedly disadvantaged minority who rises to power against all odds; he is Achmed Tibi, a fifth column who was assisted in his rise to power by foreign governments and anti-American movements.

    They are not old enough to remember Jimmy Carter and what he did to E”Y as well as the US.

    I, on the other hand, remember when our school nearly ran out of funds and would have had to cut services and fire teachers (well, I wasn’t too unhappy that the music teacher would be canned LOL), and I remember when my mother got an embarrassing 25 cent food stamp token in change because due to layoffs and closings so many food stamps were being used in our suburban supermarket that the cashier had no quarters in her till! (I probably still have the shtempale in my old coin collection which is in storage at my parents’ house :)).

    Most of all, I remember the hostage crisis and the humiliation of America by the likes of a Khomeini; now it may be Chavez as well as Ahmadinejad who embarrass America under Obama.


    teen: yeah kinda weird!!!!



    And the more I think about it, there is NO POINT explaining the dangers of Obama to citizens of E”Y or Ukraine who cannot vote or in any way affect American opinion.

    However, the fact that they don’t understand means that they do not understand that the old American values, and not socialism and vapid liberal lunacy, are what Torah is all about.

    And that scares me, along with a couple of loudmouth frum Jews in name and appearance only who loudly supported and riled up others to support Obama, revealing that for them frumkeit is just another alternative lifestyle that they sort of adopted while their real values are mired in the 1960’s. I fear for their kids, who make up a large part of the OTD crowd because of the mixed messages they get at home. Many of them are the ones who are most financially and socially dependent on the community, and they will get quite a potch when their rabbis and community leaders are starved for resources and have to cut down on their support of these ungrateful Deadheads who tax their funds and patience alike.


    is the stimulus package a good idea?


    itziks… you are so right. Carter was one of the worst presidents and now obama is turning into another one.

    Where is the change when you are appointing the entire clinton staff minus Bill? some of those people have been in corrupt politics forever and wont stop their pork-laden bills and this spending package (not stimulus) only like 1 or 2 percent I heard was going towards infrastructure while the administration claims a lot will be going. Cut out the garbage in it!


    Presidents only get one Performance Review that counts. For Obama it comes on Tuesday November 6, 2012. Regardless how we voted this past November we pray for success.


    torahtzivah: no it is not a good idea

    if u take the full original package 750 billion and divide it up between every family n america (est 80 million) each family would have gotten almost 10k dollars apiece

    even if u kept it within buisnesses u could have given 1 million samll buisnesses $750,000 each

    with the new package ( ibelieve it is at 900 billion but i dont know the actual amount) divide it up by 80 million families or 1 million buisnesses…u do the math

    disclaimer: i did not come up with this, my dad told me this and he heard it from a freind but it makes a lot of sense


    Give the money back to us and then we can restart the economy by spending and saving- how we want to! It is a free country- let us spend our money how we think is best, not the way some congressman wants. why should our money be spent in all these other countries, for programs that will not help our economy, for unimportant services….


    Josh 31- You are right why complain President Obama was elected on November6, why not pray that he is successful and makes the right decisions.


    I think he’s doing a perfect job… of being a complete nincompoop


    areivim…. i like that answer.

    isha kshaira

    the best way to stimulate the economy is by letting the taxpayers keep more of our money. this is my money, not theirs, why are they spending it on roads i will never travel or saving mice who will invade my house!! this is not a stimulus package, because the same people who have the money will be getting more of it. we, the everyday american who goes out in the street to get a coffee in a cafe, or a cab to take us to work, and spend the money and circulate it back into the economic cycle won’t get a brass farthing out of this whole deal. this spending bill will only cause the united states into a recession sooner than it would’ve happened were we to allow this situation to settle on its own.




    I hope the stimulus was a good idea, otherwise, tzaros.


    did I hear right that it passed both houses now? please, someone, inform me that I am mistaken… right??? please?? I am begging you!!!

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