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    Hidabroot, a 24 hour chareidi israeli television channel vs missionaries, is a having a raffle on Oct 8 for a luxury apartment in Eretz Yisrael (tickets starting at $100.) Rav Chaim Kaneivsky promised that anyone who donated to hidabroot will be saved from anguish in rearing his/her children. check it out at hidabrootraffle.com


    Yes. I don’t believe he promised anything.


    Im really sick and tired of Tzeddakah organizations “using” Gedolim to con people into giving. Im not saying they arent a worthy organization but theres no need to guilt people or to make ridiculous promises. I dont even believe Rav Kannievsky said that it makes no sense with all due respect to the Gadlus of Rav Chaim he cant back up such a promise and nobody in this generation could.


    Well said WellInformedYid. Giving a Haskama is fine, but Rabbanim are being used as milk cows. Tzedaka organizations need to have enough self confidence to be proud of what they’re doing and suggest people donate based upon that. If we can’t donate money to tzedaka-good causes without these promises we’re in very poor shape.

    They’re are enough promises in Chazal about the merits of tzedaka, without going over board. Unfortunately, these practices remind me of Angelican faith healing.

    I was learning one morning, when someone saw a certain sefer being displayed for sale. On the advertisement the paper said, the Gedolim held it was an obligation to buy the sefer. No, it wasn’t anything halacha lemaysa, and might have been an excellent sefer as well, but the Yungerman, commented, maybe he should have added, what a statement “no one she donate less then” etc., like what is done with charities.

    Just a final comment. I believe Hidabroot and other organizations do excellent work. Comment is only regarding the approach.


    I’m not mekabel.


    As a Rebbi of mine once said, any promise you hear from R’ Chaim Kaneivsky is bi’chezkas sheker…

    WellInformedYid: Well said. I’ve often wondered if the Gedolim who give their haskamos to these tzedakos know just how the tzedakos sometimes portray it…


    R’Chaim shlit”a is a tzaddik!

    Hidabroot is a wonderful, amazing organization headed by the incredible Rav Zamir Cohen shlit”a.

    This campaign, with this promise, is probably unknown to both of them.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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