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    Does anyone have aby personal stories about Rav elya svei andor Rav shmuel berenbaum zt”l. I’m wrighting a book about them.


    R’ Shmuel had a heart attack on shabbos and walked to Maomonidies , a good 1 to 2 hour walk.

    I learned in South Fallsburg years ago, and R’ Elya came for shabbos bc his it was his grandchilds simcha. Anyways, he stayed up the whole Friday night learning and giving chizuk to the bochrim. It was truly amazing. In both stories, they were not young men.


    Thank you

    Feif Un

    There’s a picture from when R’ Shteinman and the Gerrer Rebbe came to the US about 12-13 years ago, of R’ Shteinman and R’ Shmuel standing over an open sefer with the Gerrer Rebbe a few feet behind them. My roommate from yeshiva was there at the time, and this is the story of that picture:

    R’ Shmuel Berenbaum had a question on the Ayeles HaShachar. When R’ Shteinman and the Gerrer Rebbe came to the Mir Yeshiva, R’ Shmuel wanted to ask R’ Shteinman his question. The Gerrer Rebbe was a few minutes behind R’ Shteinman in getting into the beis medrash, and was standing a few feet behind them (among the Mirrer bochurim), listening to their discussion – and R’ Shmuel did not know he was there.

    After a few minutes of listening, the Gerrer Rebbe leaned over a bit and tried to offer a solution to R’ Shmuel’s question. R’ Shmuel, without turning around, said (and please pardon my Yiddish!), “Yunger man, ich hub g’fregt fun der Rosh Yeshiva – nisht fun dir!”


    I remembered seeing a story online when R’ Elya passed away, and I managed to find it:


    Thanks so much for these wonderful storys.


    I’m wrighting a book about them.

    I sincerely hope you use a spell checker.


    I will


    “R’ Shmuel had a heart attack on shabbos and walked to Maomonidies , a good 1 to 2 hour walk.”

    I doubt it. He was a smart man, he knew to call an ambulance when you have a heart attack. Stop spreading rumors about a gadol.

    zvei dinim

    Interesting they learnt together almost fifty years ago for one winter zman and it was fireworks! Ask Reb Aaron Zukerman of lakewood he was learning there at the time and will have loads of stories to tell you.



    No offense to you and I dont want to discourage you from your project, however you cant write a book about Gedolim stories without knowing the sources you are getting them from and confirming that all details are true. You cant take a collection of stories posted here by anonymous people and use that for a book. Thats gives your book zero credibility and is an embarrassment to the memory of the Gadol that you are writing about. No regular person wouldnt want such a book about himself, let alone a Gadol Byisroel!


    truthsharer, I heard the story from a reliable source that he walk to the hospital. People don’t make up such stories.


    gotbeer, the person lied to you. I don’t even know who you are talking about, but I am 100% certain that he lied. No person, let alone a gadol, will walk to the hospital after a heart attack. What you are saying is such a negative on R’ Shmuel.


    I was joking about the book. I just want some general information these 2 gedolim who i don’t no much about.


    it was obvious by the quality of your writing. The mods knocked out my comment yesterday


    you probably went to a yeshiva with a no show English Dep’t.




    Is that a statement, request, or command…?



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