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    Chacham HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita is quoted as permitting soldiers to begin doing their laundry on Erev Shabbos even if they know it will be completed after the start of Shabbos, Kol Chai Radio reported on Monday.


    There is no chiddush here as Rav Ovadia’s son specifically recalls his father’s pask on this exact issue in the exact same manner in Siman Resh Nun Bet of Yalkut Yosef. If you will look there (and i know you won’t) you will see that the psak is not limited to chayalim except for ashkenazim who hold like the rama with regard to “hashma’at kol” in which case it is limited to chayalim.

    last time i checked we still held like bet hillel and against bet shamai that “ein melacha bekelim.” In other words, kelim, like washing machines, cannot, by jewish legal definition, commit a melacha. even the inyan that in israel the electric companies are jewish operated and mechaleleh shabbat has been addressed by rav ovadia in the past where he held since the electricity is also generated for permitted uses (like hospitals) it is permitted to derive benefit from it if you are not mechalel yourself, of course.

    But it is very very old news. ynet or haaretz, whose editors do not learn, may be susceptible to reporting this as new but i am surprised at yw’s decision to publish this as new.


    Besalel is correct. This is no hidush at all. Rav Ovadia has a teshuva about this in Yehaveh Da’at. As such (and as all teshuvot in Yehave Da’at) this issue was obviously discussed on the radio decades ago in Rav Ovadia Shlita’s “Pinat Halakha.” The only reason (I assume) it is now in the news is that Rav Ovadia discussed this in his shiur in Beit Kenesset Hayazdim this past motza’ei shabbat. I don’t know why davka this tidbit was singled out to make the news, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time reporters pick and choose from his shiurim for quotations. In any case, “lekhu el yosef, ka’asher yomar aleichem ta’asu!”


    What kind of “hashmo’as kol” is there with a washing machine? They’re not that loud! Hashmo’as kol is about a mill or something equally noisy, where any passerby in the street can hear it going, and will think that you’re doing melocho on Shabbos. (And even that is allowed if there are no Jews within a techum shabbos, who might walk by.)

    But it should be emphasized that you cannot remove the laundry from the washing machine on Shabbos, to dry it. Once the machine turns itself off you have to leave the clothes there a whole shabbos, and I don’t think that’s such a great idea for the clothes. Hanging the clothes to dry is ossur mishum mar’is ho’ayin (this is the classic case of “afilu bechadrei chadorim ossur”).


    So, is it permitted to put a load into the dryer let’s say a few minutes before the zman & then leave the dryer going – which means that the load will finish drying on Shabbos?


    Chacham Ovadia is one of the greatest fund raiser for talmud toira in the velt.

    He needs a lot of money to fund his tatim and yeshivas.

    Im ain kemach ain toireh and the only man in the velt that really understands that is chacham ovadia shlita


    Willi, according to rav ovadia, ashkenazim cannot because they hold of “hashma’at kol” and most dryers are pretty noisy, unless youre Milhouse and found a quiet machine. Ashkenazim can only do so in sha’at hadchak circumstances, which would need to be evaluated by your rav. Sefaradim, however, are permitted to do what you describe above.


    Willi, you put a cholent on just before Shabbos, to cook on Shabbos. Why shouldn’t you do the same with a washing machine or a dryer (assuming it’s not so noisy that people passing by on the street will think you’re breaking shabbos)?


    The rule is “i ato metzuveh al shevisas kelim”. You have to keep shabbos, your stove and your candles and your air conditioner and your washing machine do not.


    Milhouse, cholent being put on before Shabbos has nothing to do with Hashmaas Kol!

    Your making the grave mistake of being medameh milsa l’milsa where there is no connection.

    Putting things in the dryer is a problem rigt before Shabbos a cholent however with certain criteria can be put up right before Shabbos.


    in the gemara r’yosef said that grinding even with a windmill is assur.

    ther is a bi machlokes b/t the rama and everyone else whether we have to be choshesh for those who interpret r’ yosef to be going even according to beis hillel.

    lchoira i do not really understand what the issur would be acc. to beis hillel.if you say cuz of b’zayon shabbos then a washing machine hid away down in the basement should be mutar


    Willi, you put a cholent on just before Shabbos, to cook on Shabbos. Why shouldn’t you do the same with a washing machine or a dryer (assuming it’s not so noisy that people passing by on the street will think you’re breaking shabbos)?

    That’s Ossur unless it’s a third cooked, No?


    another great ovadia does it again 100

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