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    Has anyone had experiences with him that they want to share before someone goes to him?


    I’ve never heard of him. So, I would follow “rov”. “Rov” says he is a fraud.

    Hmm, am I right? How should we apply rov here?

    Seems that if he came to you, we could say he was piresh from the rov, so that we would say he is a fraud.

    But, if you go to him, then he is kavua, so we should say it is 50-50. Like the case in kesubos with the woman who was impregnated by the passul l’kehuna.

    So you should make sure to go to where he lives, not that he should come to you. Then it is only 50-50.

    I guess 50-50 is not so bad. If you go to two, then statistically you will have gotten at least one real one. That actually sounds really good.

    I suppose unless the rov creates a chazaka, kind of like a ruba d’leisa kaman. (Is that how we understand ruba d’leisah kaman? I can’t recall.)


    pba- by now they stam have a chezkas paslus. doesnt matter who goes to whom. anyway, R Chaim al hashas says that a person cannot be a pireish, rather he bleibs a lokach min hakuvu’ah. A”S.


    Any experiences with this Mekubal specifically?

    Do full page ads mean anything at all as far as a following?

    I would think there are some people who went and want to go back to the Rav, if they gained. Or is the object to attract new people?


    What is the maaleh of going to a mekubal specifically?

    If you’re looking for a mofes then go to someone who’s known to be a ba’al mofes.

    If you’re just looking for a bracha, then go to any tzaddik.

    If you’re looking for an eitzah, then go to a rav who’s known to be a ba’al eitzah.



    Who is a Baal eitzah who speaks to women??


    In NY, I mean.


    Any Rav in NY today who is not accessible to give eitzos to women has no business being a Rav.


    R Chaim al hashas says that a person cannot be a pireish

    Interesting vort, but it seems to go against a mashma’us of a Gemara in Nazir (12a). Tosafos, at least, is mefurash not like that in Kesubos (30b s.v. V’al Hakusis – ?? ????? ???? ??? ?”? ????). Ayin sham.

    With regard to the question of whether we can go basar rov mekubalim to assume what this one is, if it is a ruba d’leisei kaman (i.e. in general, mekubalim are frauds) – l’chorah it’s pashut that it’s not shayich to have dinim of kavu’a and parish, because there’s nothing to be poresh from (because the rov is a theoretical one). If you will taynah that it is a ruba d’isa kaman (i.e. if we count the mekubalim who are frauds that the ones who aren’t, the one’s who are are the majority) there is still no problem of kavu’a, if we go with Tosafos in Nazir (ibid. s.v. Asur) who say that anytime there is no difference in appearance between the issur and the heter we do not say kavu’a. Tosafos in Chullin (95a s.v. Sfeiko) seems to learn that this is p’shat in classic bitul chad b’trei, which for some reason isn’t automatically precluded by the din kavu’a.

    So basically this mekubal is batel in the rest, is what I am saying. The only thing is that mid’rabbanan it could be he isn’t batel because he is a chatichah hareuyah lehischabed (because celebrities like using them). Yesh lachkor.


    If you see any paid advertisements for a “mekubal” or “rav” who is offering a “segulah” or “yeshuos” or “barochos”, there is a very high likelihood you are dealing with a scam or fraudster. While some may believe in these new age offerings, if they are marketing their services online, put them in you junk/spam folder and block them. If you see a banner ad, just move on. Take you money, give to your favorite tzadakah you know is legit, and offer heartfelt teffilos for whatever it is you are hoping for. Don’t line the pockets of these yiddeshe Jimmy Swagarts.


    He’s back in town as advertised on YWN. If you consulted with him & have information that would be letoeles hazibbur then please share your experience. It may save a Yid from tremendous aggravation or possibly lead to a yeshuah. If a person is let down by someone who claims to be a rabbi it can cause them to lose all faith in our chachomim since they don’t know the difference between the real to the fake. (I know nothing about him but I am extremely skeptical about miracle workers looking for money)


    Unless you have a mesorah of going to mekubalim, I don’t recommend you going to one. The Vizhnitzer Rebbe from Monsey and Skloner Rebbe both yelled at people for going.
    It isn’t our mesorah to hear al pi Kabbalah what is going to be happening. A Brocha or advice from a Rebbe or Rosh Yeshiva or local rabbi is preferable.
    BTW, this might be a great question for your LOR.


    I read Rabbi Yaakov Hillel’s book Faith and Folly (Tamim Tih’ye in Hebrew) and it was an eye opener. He basically knocks all of the ideas of Kabalah and Mekubalim that people tend to believe in. I highly recommend reading it. It’s a quick read.


    They are all mekubalim – “yadcha peshuta lekabel…”
    They are “Osek bekabbala ma’asis”


    99 percent of the time, you will get a more accurate prophecy from Princess. Zora on 13th avenue in Brooklyn than some “mekubal” who flies over from EY and places online ads offering forecasts and segulahss for a “modest contribution”. Take the money and give it to your favorite tzedakah, learn and extra few hours every week, say a few kapitalach tehillim and ask your local rav/posek for advice on whatever it is you feel the need to know about the future.


    i don’t know if he is real or a Jewish version of a Sunday morning preacher vos ken shrayin “heal.” i do know that he has very poor PR; his miracle yeshua is the same one every time he comes. if he was for real, he should claim a new one every year. i think you do better using the money buying a lottery ticket and much, much better giving to a legitimate tzeddakah, not keren atzmi or mir.

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