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    Are all the Roshei Yeshivos at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath considered to be an equal to each other, insofar as their position as RY is concerned?

    I was slightly surprised that the new Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein shlita, gave his inaugural shiur kloli in a fluent Yiddish given his familial background. Does anyone know if Rav Yitzchok maintains similar shittos/hashkafas as his esteemed father zt’l or his esteemed grandfather zt’l, as YTV in general differs from many positions of RIETS, where they were leaders.


    Just to be clear, while R’ Lichtenstein gave an elegant shmooz in “fluent yiddish”, he speaks English considerably better than most of us here. He is an extraordinary speaker and charismatic leader who is highly respected across all segments of the frum tzibur.


    Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein’s esteemed father zt’l and his esteemed grandfather zt’l were eloquent Yiddish speakers.
    YTV also differs from many positions of Chaim Berlin and Lakewood.


    In what way does YTV differ from BMG or MYRCB? In whatever ways they differ it surely is closer to those two yeshivos than it is to RIETS.


    Why didn’t someone from YTV get the job?

    Uncle Ben

    1; It’s always easier to choose an outsider than to choose between insiders. The Badatz Eidah Chareidis has been choosing outsiders for their top position for decades for this reason.


    While both Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein and his father and grandfather are/were talmidei chachamim, he does not share their hashkafos. He learnt in Lakewood for many years – in fact I know a rov who learnt in Lakewood together with him, and said that Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein (before he became a rov) was known as being one of the top learners there at the time. Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein is also a talmid muvhak of Rav Dovid Soloveitchik shlit”a, his grandfather’s first cousin. He is also the rov of Kehillas Bais Avrohom in Monsey, a shul he became rov of, after his predecessor, Rav Avrohom Chaim Feuer, moved to Eretz Yisroel.


    An article on YWN a few days ago points out that R’ Yitzchok Lichtenstein is married to a granddaughter of Rav Reuvein Grozovsky, one of the early roshei yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. So he’s not a total outsider.


    YTV needed someone in the royal family as Rosh Yeshiva in order to restore its status among the “top” echelon. That is why certain individuals and Yeshivas will never be included and accepted, no matter how qualified or learned, as the minimum requirements are not there.


    According to reports(legend?)
    during one of his periodic disputes/spats with dr. Belkin
    Rav Yitzchok’s grandfather announced something on the lines of

    “dr. Belkin you could fire me” and it seemed he and YU were going to part ways

    YTV promptly offered him a position albeit with
    certain condition/ reservations
    Somehow or another nothing came of it

    Is also of Interest that his mother Tova once supposably said regarding her husband that he was not on the same Waveland as her father implying that her son was more in that direction



    For How many years YTV were strawmen
    of everything that wrong, Delusional ,fictional on modox sites and blogs of American early charediism

    cute sleight of hand though probably unintentional




    She has other children who are.


    Actually, the Shiur was delivered in English with yiddish mixed in. His opening words were delivered in Yiddish only.

    Avi K

    Why is being able to speak in broken German considered an accomplishment?


    Moron R’ Dovid soloveitchik shli”a accepted R’ moshe Twersky zatza”l and lebcl”c R’ Lichtenstein, despite their being from not such such a brisker background, and the two quickly developed into tremendous talmidim and were really koine his derch halimmud and hashkafois, his yiras shomayim and enthuasism for learning. Both developed into Anoshim Gedoilim in their own right, and r’ lichtenshtein is eminently suited for the post.


    So Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein shlita shares the hashkafas/shittos of his rebbi Rav Dovid Solovietchik shlita?

    Are any of the current Roshei Yeshivos of YTV considered to be the primary RY, in the same sense that Rav Pam zt”l held that title?

    Will any of the current RY fill the seat on the Agudah Moetzes that Rav Pam zt’l held?


    Are any of the current Roshei Yeshivos of YTV considered to be the primary RY, in the same sense that Rav Pam zt”l held that title?

    Rav Pam held that title only because of how well known he was in the outside world.

    He didn’t have the power that most Roshey Yeshiva have

    He needed permission from the board of directors for many decisions. Even for things which he didn’t need the board’s approval the power in the Yeshiva wasn’t exclusively his. He shared it with other hanhala members to a much larger degree than most other Roshey Yeshiva do.

    Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein will probably find himself in the same position.


    So without even bothering to listen to what he has to say you automatically assume that he holds of all of his father ZT”L’s Zionist hashkofos? His whole resume you want? He was practically a ben bayis by Rav Dovid Soleveitchik SHLITA for years. He learned in Lakewood, taught and spoke in numerous Torahdikeh institutions, was unofficial assistant Rabbi under Rav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman SHLITA (Rav of Gateshead) in his shul in Monsey, ran the Bais Medrash in Shaarei Torah under Rav Morderchai Wolmark SHLITA and his older kids are all in kollel except for one son in the IDF.

    Is that enough “hashkofo” for you?

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