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    The Rosh Yeshiva Hagaon Reb Gershon Edelstein Shlita in a letter said to be published in the Yated Tuesday, following the passing of the forced Charedi Draft Law: “There has never been such a thing that Jews have decreed against Jews and want to abolish the Torah.”


    If they round up all the hilltop youth and have them serve in the IDF then they will take care of two issues


    The anti-zionist hareidim (who don’t depend on government funding) can engage in open resistance, and possibly do great damage to Israel’s image abroad (for example, having frum Jews complaining to international human rights groups, or requesting asylum as refugees from anti-Jewish persecution).

    The more “establishment” hareidim (who happen to have been accepting money from the zionists, and would have real problems without that funding) have a real problem. They have been supporting the medinah for over a generation. It will be a real loss of face to for them to start resisting the zionists.

    If this isn’t reversed, the big winners will be Neturei Karta, the Eidos Hareidos (Badats) and Satmar, since they will have been vindicated in their anti-zionism. If the zionists attempt to conscript members of groups that have always opposed the medinah, they will be liable to be violating international human rights norms on conscientious objection (which would not be the case of those hareidim who have been supported by the government).


    The religious parties have had almost a decade to come up with some alternative proposal for public service by frum boys/girls as an alternative to the military draft. There have been several “final” agreements negotiated under multiple governments which were initially accepted and then rejected or blown up because of the lack of consensus on one side or the other. The current law is much worse than prior agreements they could have accepted.


    @Gadolahdorah Thanks for your insights. The gedolim of the past two decades were waiting for your advise. B”H for YWN!


    Guteid: Its really rewarding to know my eitzah is so highly regarded and valued by the real gedolim….not so much here at home. In the near term, I will publish a white paper, which I know all will be anxiously waiting for, to chart a path forward on this complex public policy issue.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    GH – I am available for preliminary editing


    I second Gadol’s opinion. Religious parties need to come with a positive agenda that does not sound as self-serving. There are a lot of things religious Jews could do in addition to learning.

    Yehoshua was approached by malach hamaves for not learning at night, but the malach did not suggest disbanding the army, just combining the milhama shel mitzva with learning a night.


    @akuperma: From what I’ve seen, it seems like this draft law is not going to work with forced conscription like that. Rather, I think that there will be a quota imposed on the Chareidi community with government funding to Yeshivas reduced if it’s not met. It also lowers the age of exemption. It seems to focus much more on the economic aspect of this problem and more about trying to push Chareidim into the workforce than in the army necessarily.


    To @maxist, Secular workforce which limits Haredi employment because of anti-Haredi attitudes among others (due to bigoted vicious Haaretz incitement, for example) among other issues, is a separate matter..

    Avi K

    1. Actually, there is a move to lower the maximum age for the draft in order to encourage you hareidi men to go into the work force. The fact of the matter is that anyone who says that he has no motivation to serve is quietly exempted. non-motivated people make poor soldiers. Some people, of course, have martyr complexes and refuse to go to the induction centers. They want to go to jail and the IDF obliges them.

    2. It is well known that many men who claim to be avereichim are either just hanging around or working off the books. Those who are should go into the IDF rabbinate in some form. We stop talmud Torah for any mitzva. Even for things that are not such bg mitvot lie going to chazzanut concerts and tiyulim during ben hazemanim (ten weeks per year – more vacation than most workers get).

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