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    Enough is enough! Gov Cuomo did enough damage to NY state. He has to be kicked out of governors mansion ASAP!


    he is directly responsible for hundreds of deaths in the hospitals patients dying of hunger for his ‘very bright idea of not letting volunteers into the hospitals. he is a Ra ‘rotzeach’ with a suit and tie’ in addition the nursing home scandal with thousands of deaths on his account. need to get rid of him without any shame he claims credit for saving the state. no-way gov


    He wants the schools closed for election day, as many of them serve as polling stations in 90% Trump districts.
    All about elections.


    Avneck: Do you really believe that closing/relocating a few polling locations in frum neighborhoods will affect the election outcome in NYS. In any event, the Board of elections has already indicated it will provide alternative polling locations for those who want to vote in person while strongly suggesting absentee ballots for those who prefer to avoid the risk of crowds on election day.

    Ben Levi

    So let’s just get everything straight.

    Stating that voting for the President of the United States is at least as important as buying a beer and if one must show ID for buying a beer to ensure they are actually who they say they are then the same should be required for voting.

    That is “voter suppression”

    But changing the polling locations a month out of the elections in what seems to be pre-dominantly Republican areas.

    Thats no big deal.



    The best answer is to move. If B&H or the diamond district were to get up and move all their operations (other than storefronts) to a low tax, red state – it would speak more loudly than all the screeching heard here.


    The short answer right now is for all healthy people to go get tedtrd and sick people need to stop getting tested


    A few of you are wrong.

    First of all, according to Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith of Passaic (who’s also an attorney), nobody should fall into the trap of getting tested. What’s to stop them from false positives – which i read have been happening.

    Secondly, I heard talk show hosts say that even if you’re a conservative inside a blue state, vote your conscience anyway, because this year, the popular vote counts as well (given that the media were making a tumult about Trump having lost the popular vote four years ago.

    Of course, they didn’t mean it would count literally – more like morally (morale-ly?) And yes, i know most CR members are democrats. But i’m just pointing this out for the sake of others who may be reading this.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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