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    Recently the liberal media has called Ben Shapiro an anti-semite because he wouldn’t kill baby Hitler. According to Halacha, there’s a mitzvah of מחיית עמלק. We also have an example in the Torah where someone was punished for not wanting to have a baby because he saw that he will be evil. What are your thoughts on this philosophical topic?


    Who specifically called him an antisemite?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Recently the liberal media has called Ben Shapiro an anti-semite because he wouldn’t kill baby Hitler.

    That’s tranparently bias. It’s a philosophical question, nothing more.

    According to Halacha, there’s a mitzvah of מחיית עמלק.

    We don’t know fore sure who עמלק is in a literal sense, and it’s it’s not certain that there’s a partial קיום.


    Well, how would Been Shapiro know that baby Adolf y”s would be a killer?

    If Ben Shapiro thinks German-Austrian volk were Amelek should he have killed them all? As crazy as Adolf was, he could only thrive and carry out his deeds because the Germans and all of the Europeans who helped him, enabled him to so. So why is the question only regarding Hitler y”s? In any case, the Amaleik question was not what the media had an in mind.

    The question is not relevant. We don’t know how anyone will turn out to be. If we would know he would be a killer we would also know those who actually did the killing and those who put him in power and enable him to carry out his gruesome deeds. That would mean hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of abortions. Which I can tell you all of a sudden these abortion butchers would not want to carry out, only those whom the mother deems unworthy of living because she has no PATIENCE to take care of the baby or because the baby is disabled. But if the baby would grow up killer of Jews, then we can’t kill these innocent babies, can we?

    Anyway, again it’s irrelevant because we have no clue what kind of person a baby will be when they grow up.


    It’s a hypothetical question but anyway by yishmael it says באשר הוא שם

    So no dont kill him unless you KNOW he is from 7 umps or amalek

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    “Well, how would Been Shapiro know that baby Adolf y”s would be a killer?”

    The point was that it was theoretical. I believe Ben misunderstood the question himself, but it’s totally loaded anyway. It’s a classic, liberal media gotcha question.

    The point was not that it was an Austrian-born baby who happened to be named Adolf Hitler and could grow up to become anything. The question was supposed to be: if you know that this baby will vadai grow up to orchestrate the Holocaust, would you kill it to prevent that? So, Ben’s answer of letting it live but influencing it to not become the monster is not a real answer. You can’t change the terms of a hypothetical question.

    He should have responded by calling out the question for what it is: an absurd, leftist pro-abortion argument that all aborted babies would grow up to be bad people anyway so we might as well kill them.


    Why be a coward and travel back in time to when Hitler was a baby in order to kill him? If you’re going to travel back in time to kill him, travel to right before he rose to power.


    Neville your response would have been the right one. Ben is very good with debating but he’s human too and he made a mistake this time falling into the trap.

    Sechel HaYashar

    There’s a good argument to be made against Ben Shapiro from the Posuk in Tehillim which says:
    אשרי שיאחז וניפץ את עולליך על הסלע
    In English: Praised is one who grasps their children and smashes their heads against a rock.
    Meaning, it’s praiseworthy to kill baby Babylonians because of what they would grow up to do. But not all Meforshim understand it this way, and it’s definitely an exception to the general rule of באשר הוא שם as we see by Yishmael.

    Avi K

    The mitzva is on Am Yisrael not on any individual. An any case, according to Rav Chaim Brisker Amalek is any antisemite so baby Hitler was not yet Amalek. Certainly not before he was even born (the context was abortion). I also don’t know if that would have changed anything. Maybe someone who lived in obscurity would have become Fuehrer.

    RY, actually there were attempts on his Hitler’s life between 1921 (the Beer Hall Putsch) and 1944 (the July Plot). Their failures led him to believe that he was invincible.


    Time travelers have an advantage.


    from what I understand, his comment was that baby Adolph Hitler did not deserve to die just like Yishmael did not deserve to die at the time the torah tells us the story of Hagar being sent out by Avrahom.


    I actually thought Shapiro’s answer was very good. It is a classic liberal idea (Jewish too) that people are not destined to be good or evil but are the products of the environment and their choices. So why kill the baby Hitler when having him be adopted by a loving family in Canada will also prevent the Holocaust?

    And if your answer is “well that is not an option in the hypothetical,” then the response should be that your hypothetical has no application to the real world and is therefore a wast of my time.


    Do you really believe that killing baby Hitler would have prevented the holocaust?

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